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  1) Gojuryu Karate(karate-justu Nahate) originating in Okinawa had been completed until the ultimate in the lawlessness society in the occupation period after the World War II. The Karate in this period was not the sport but the technique to fight the plural enemies and or the enemy having weapon by bare-hand.The nagative image from this period remained in Japanese society until the 1970's.The decipherment of the code in KATA advanced rapidly at this period. After the ocupation period,the public order was bad to the 1960s .The youth learned Karate not as the sports but as the self-defense .Karate competition and it's rules were undeveloped.The protective gear did not exist.So bare hands kumite was full of danger and brutal atmospheres. The Karate-ka who experienced these times belonged to the DOJO until the 1970’s. I may be the last generation to study their techniques. 
 But the situation changed completely by Karate's becoming the official event of Japanese National Sports Festival in 1982.Karate has begun to be recognized as national sports rapidly.The protective gear was invented, and the rule was standardized while making trial and error.In Dojo, a child and the woman came to be seen, too.And the exercise in Dojo changed into the menu for standard rules.
At that time, in the Kumite game, tsuki was emphasized, and Keri was downplayed.
Kumite was almost only tsuki.It was different from the kumite which emphasize the keri that developed in Europe.But this change took the essence as martial arts from karate.Kata became the Kata for the performance not the Kata for the training.
Strange movement came to be seen in Kata.Aand Kata became an acrobat. Kumite became a game of touch gesture faster than the opponent.The need to strengthen a fist disappeared.Mysterious judgments influenced by the sect ,the ryu, the career and politic increased.


The typical example which lost essence
This is a famous part of "UNSU" (KUSANKU in Okinawa Karate).
This is the technique that lie down on the ground as quickly as possible originally.
But, now it has become the competition that jump as high as possible in Kata game.

 しかしこの激変は空手から武術性を奪う結果ももたらした。型は鍛錬や実戦技の教科書としての型から、試合で演武して評価されるための「形」になった。動きの自然な流れを止めてミエを切る歌舞伎のような動作、武術的にはおかしい演武がウケ、昔ながらの鍛錬としての型が評価されないという表演試合になった。型のアクロバット化がすすみ、例えば雲手(沖縄名クーサンクー)のこの技は本来いかに素早く地に伏せるかという技であったのに、いかに高くジャンプできるかを競い合う場面に変質した。そしてこれは空中で飛び内回し蹴りを行うという後付けの理屈さえくっついた。 組手はいかに相手に早くタッチするかを競うタッチ組手になり、拳を鍛錬する必要もなくなった。当時は上段蹴りの使用に強い偏見があり組手はほぼ突き一色であった。審判の出身会派や経歴(学連か町道場か)、政治力学に影響されるような不可思議な判定が多かった。この時期の急速な空手の変質について沖縄出身の高名な空手史家、金城裕氏は「あまりにも失ったものが大きかった」と語っている。空手は国体種目化以前と以後とでは全く別物に変化したといえる。
Today, Karate is the popular sport all over the world.Also I had coached the JKF method as high school Karate instructor.Under my supervision, some students had achieved mastery, victory and numerous prizes in the cahmpionship. Some of them had become excellent Karate instructors.
But I also think that my mission is to hand the ultimate Goju-ryuin the lawlessness period down to the future generation.

 Omoto Dojo at 1984(Founding)
It is only a mere stick dance if kata of Bo is not trained as kumi-Bo(Bo-kumite).
In YUZENKAI fullcontact Kumite,holding the neck of Other party on the mat momentarily is "Ippon",too.
In the originally Gojuryu, "Jodan-Tuki" often means the attack to the enemy'sthroat. It is a fatal attack crushed gripping enemy's trachea by the thumb and other fingers(Kami-te).
This is one of the essential technique of originally Gojuryu.we cannot throw it away.When you can smoothly use this technique in free Kumite ,You will be able to kill the enemy momentarily in the actual combat.You should become accustomed to this Kumite if it is Gojuryu that aims at the actual combat. For safety, not Other party's throat but the upper part of the chest is hold .

Gojuryu full contact method Kumite of original YUZENKAI is done at the same time though usual KUMITE of YUZENKAI is WKF method and Kyokushin method. yuzenkai Japan
It is an essential technique of Gojuryu that rules other party's head by "Kakete". The attack with the rule of other party's head becomes an effective point by the touch contact.This type free Kumite method is not the one always done. However, it is necessary to do this type free Kumite properly, to check our technique, and to verify it. For the child, this Kumite doesn't do.
Sensei Futamata(Shihan of Matayoshi kobudo),the comrade my respect
About the name and logo of YUZENKAI
"Testicle (kintaki) attack is not a foul.  The stance is more like Sanchin-dachi in that situation and how to set up the hand is more like Tensho.  Free kumite conditionally enables the combat-style of ancient Goju-ryu to be reproduced with technical improvements for modern karate.  

※YUZENKAI executes kids Karate classroom free of charge.Karate is the best fullbody motion that supports a strong spirit and the body. The education is a most immediate priority in any country.
YUZENKAI has two logo. The culture, the religion, and the custom, etc. are different according to each country. YUZENKAI member in each country can select appropriate .
This logo originates from oriental philosophy that Goju-ryu based on.  Five colors – blue, red, yellow, white, black - mean five elements compose the world. The diamond means four directions – north, south, east and west. This design originates in the family crest of Shingen Takeda (1521-1573),the warlord in the age of civil wars in Japan.
"YU" and "ZEN" are from names of my two masters, and they mean “courage” and “goodness”. KAI" means “Society” in Japanese

This emblem is derived from the combat flag of Kenshin Uesugi ,famouse warlord in the age of civil wars in Japan,16century.It means "Fight bravely".The Kanji of center is Kenshin's original cursive script of Ryu(龍:dragon).
KATA of Gojury are derived from a images of dragon, crane, tiger, hawk,and so on.

For instance, Sepai and Kururunfa are dragon Kata. Saifa and Kakufa are crane Kata.Seienchin is hawk Kata. I think the character of this "Ryu" is suitable for Yuzenkai Gojuryu. Dragon is existence of fictitious. But it is "symbol of transcendent strength" in the Japanese culture.
The avove two flags, navy blue and red circle, are
the flags Ougimachi-Tenno(1517-1593) gave Kenshin. The red circle means Japan, and the navy blue means justice and sincerity.Kenshin was religious Samurai. He never did an unfair act. He always not fought for his personal greed but fought for the justice of god .

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gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan 13/1/2013
Shihan-dai. Uno Keisuke who is Kancho OMOTO's students won the full contact kumite in the “forties” class of All Japan Budo-Karate Championship held at TOKYO.

gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan 16/9/2012
I participated in the festival of combative sports held at Niigata prefcture and exchanged with the professional wrestling.Then I am 54 years old. I always thinks that if a person want to be a true Gojuryu Karate-ka, he should learn from even the professional wrestling.

For Goju-ryu,the techniques are practiced not only at the Dojo.Gojuryu which knows only Dojo isn't valid to the professional of the fight.The posture to have learning from them humbly is sometimes important for us.
Karate and Budo are means. The purpose is a spirit of Bushido. Budo is "Way of life. "

But I'm afraid in the private affairs,my father's side ancestor, Morokage Omoto,was an immediate vassal of Kamakura-Shogunate in 13century.
Afterwards, his clan was provincial samurai family that involved with Muromachi-Shogunate at Oumi near Kyoto until 16th century.
By the defeat of the war of Sekigahara(1600), that divided Japan into the east and west, his clan was became a village headman of the feudal clan of the chief vassal of Tokugawa shogunate until the Meiji Restoration in 1868.
On the other hand,my mother's grandfather,Naonobu Sugiyama,
fought the Meiji imperial army to protect the Tokugawa shogunate at Odawara on May 19, 1868.
The imperial army was 2,700 soldiers, but his side was only 273 soldiers.His gallantry is my pride.(The picture is the Odawara castle in Kanagawa prefecture.)
His swords are my heirloom.These were made 300 years ago, but they do not louse sharpness by accurate care from generation to generation. Real Japanese sword is full of severe brightness and integrity.I think my life must be like them.
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