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  WKF karate is different from the original. Their kumite is not the original fighting style of karate.The kata standardized by WKF is different from the original. The bunkai for dantai-kata game is,so to speak ,a performance made in the WKF regulation. It is not the original.
..The WKF (JKF is its branch) has aimed to eliminate the color of schools(ryuha) from karate. I can understand it was an essential tactic for internationalization of karate as a sport above all Olympic. And separately from Yuzenkai dojo, I am the coach of one Japanese high school's karate club under JKF. I understand WKF standards contribute to fair competition.But when students say they are learning Goju-ryu karate, I will point out to them that is not the correct way to say it.I strongly feel I have to make an effort to convey to them the original Gojuryu.And I think it is possible. (photo:my highschool karate club under JKF)
.. I dare to tell you that you are learning WKF kata and kumite, not Goju-ryu kata and kumite.I belive you can understand it by reading this website patiently.

..In feudal societies, karate is a technique to kill and injure an enemy with bare hands, and kata is a memorization of that, and is inherently dangerous. Karate, brought to mainland Japan from Okinawa, proved its most prowess during the turmoil after the defeat of World War II.There has never been a time before or since when kata tbunkai could be verified in actual combat. The seniors studied them, used the them , and passed down effective them to his juniors in town dojos until around the 1970s.I felt that they were effective especially in close combat against large numbers or weapons.The same time, abarbarian image of karate was deeply rooted.Women and children were rarely seen in Karate dojo.
 封建時代の沖縄において空手は素手で敵を殺傷する技術であり、型はその技術を記憶させたものであり、元来危険きわまりないものでした。その空手が最も威力を発揮したのは敗戦直後の混乱期、占領下の社会で暴力が蔓延し、反社会集団や民族抗争の争いがあちこちで起きていた時期でした。試合とは違う、敵は複数とか凶器を帯びているという場面において型から読み解かれた分解技が検証され、有用だった技やコツは1970年代頃までの町道場では公然と伝えられていたものです。 (photo:Kaicho Yoshiaki Naganuma in 1974)

  Karate become the official event of Japanese National Sports Festival in 1982. The situation of Karate rapidly changed and recognized as national sports .The protective gear was invented, and the rule was standardized with making trial and error.In dojo, children and the women came to be seen.And the exercise in a dojo changed into a game type .But in kumite , tsuki was emphasized, and jodan Keri was downplayed. Karate didn't give up a protect vital points and defeat an enemy with one blow.It was completely different from current karate game mainly developed in Europe.

This change took the essence as martial arts from karate. Kata became the performance.Strange movement came to be seen in Kata such as acrobat. Kumite became a game that compete in touch speed.The need to strengthen the fist disappeared. Wonder judgment influenced by sect , ryu, career and politic increased.

 Nowaday ,WKF- Karate (which JKF propelled )had changed the Japanese traditional Karate into the different Karate came from Europe.
Kata has been simplified and degraded so that it can be performed without the training of sanchin and tensyo. Also, the number of techniques that Kata has has been greatly reduced.For example kata Sepai I learned is different from you learn Simplifying the movement means that the technique is lost.Everything is a sacrifice for participating in the Olympics.
On February 22, 2019, it was determined that Karate will be removed from Olympic sports in 2024 Paris. I wonder Japanese Karatekas still more continue European-style ?


 2024年のパリ・オリンピックで空手は五輪種目から外れることが決定しています。フランスはヨーロッパの空手の一大中心地です。このことは空手が東京オリンピック限りのイベントとなったことを意味します。 全空連強化選手が東欧へ組手を教わりに行く時代になりましたが、世界では多くの人々がWKFの空手は日本伝統の空手であると信じ憧れていることが私の支部からも強く伝わってきます。そのような時勢のなか勇善会は伝統のままに基本・型・分解・組手を連関的に稽古し、保存・継承して世界に示めそうと行動しています。
Originaly, Gojuryu karate admits joint technique, throwing, constriction technique and a grappling technique.
"kakete(掛け手)" is one of the basic exercises for us."kakete" has various ways depending on several purpose.

Let’s get back on track.Today, Karate is the popular sport all over the world.Also I had coached the JKF method as the high school Karate instructor.Under my supervision, some students had achieved mastery, victory and numerous prizes in the cahmpionship. Some of them had become excellent Karate instructors.
But I also think that my mission is to hand the ultimate Goju-ryuin down to the future generation.

The achievement of the essence of Gojuryu is impossible in the game by JKF-WKF rule. Jiyu-Kumite that admits contact,joint technique,throwing,constriction techniques and grappling technique are necessary . Particularly, "Mawashi-Uke" attack to a neck is the important battle method of Gojuryu.

  海外とのやりとの中で構想しているのは衣のつかみあり、関節・投げ・絞め・固めありの剛柔流本来の組手が生きる競技方法の探求です。例えば打撃で相手の勢いが止まったら技有り。投げ、倒し、関節技が「技のかかり」状態になった瞬間に技有り。頭部頸椎を回し受け態勢で抑えた瞬間に一本(勝ち)。スリップであるかいなかにかかわらず足の裏以外の身体がマットに着いたら技有りなど。(紛争地域の支部長から戦場での転倒は死を意味するという助言に基づき審判が試合を止めてくれることを前提として転倒しながら出す技は評価しません。) この競技法によってのみ完璧ではありませんが型と基本と組手が関連する剛柔流本来の組手の姿になると考えています。
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It is only a mere stick dance if kata of Bo is not trained as kumi-Bo(Bo-kumite).
Kumi-Bo from Bunkai of traditinal Kobudo Kata
Yuzenkai Dojo in 1984 .

  Sensei, Sizuaki Futamata
(1931~:Shihan of Okinawa Matayoshi-kobudo,Kancho of Shynbukan),the comrade my


About the name and logo of YUZENKAI
「勇善会」という名称は、実戦で技を検証した最後の世代といえる二人の師の名前(長沼「善」秋師範と加藤「勇」師範)に由来し長沼師範ご自身による命名です。 剛柔流の型が打拳・投げ・関節・締め・固めの5つの構成要素からなることを重視し、これらを剛柔流五技としてカリキュラム化し、大切に後世に伝えるべきと考えています。
"Testicle (kintaki) attack is not a foul.  The stance is more like Sanchin-dachi in that situation and how to set up the hand is more like Tensho.  Free kumite conditionally enables the combat-style of ancient Goju-ryu to be reproduced with technical improvements for modern karate.  

YUZENKAI executes kids Karate classroom free of charge.Karate is the best fullbody motion that supports a strong spirit and the body. The education is a most immediate priority in any country. 

YUZENKAI has two logo. The culture, the religion, and the custom, etc. are different according to each country. YUZENKAI member in each country can select appropriate .
This emblem is derived from the combat flag of Kenshin Uesugi ,famouse warlord in the age of civil wars in Japan,16century.It means "Fight bravely".The Kanji of center is Kenshin's original cursive script of Ryu(龍:dragon).
KATA of Gojury are derived from a images of dragon, crane, tiger, hawk,and so on. For instance, Sepai and Kururunfa are dragon Kata. Saifa and Kakufa are crane Kata.Seienchin is hawk Kata. I think the character of this "Ryu" is suitable for Yuzenkai Gojuryu. Dragon is existence of fictitious. But it is "symbol of transcendent strength" in the Japanese culture.

phote;The KENSHIN Festival held in August every year in the Niigata Prefecture Japan)

The avove flags, navy blue and red circle, is
the flags Ougimachi-Tenno(1517-1593) gave Kenshin. The red circle means Japan, and the navy blue means justice and sincerity.Kenshin was religious Samurai. He never did an unfair act. He always not fought for his personal greed but fought for the justice of god .

This logo originates from oriental philosophy that Goju-ryu based on.  Five colors – blue, red, yellow, white, black - mean five elements compose the world. The diamond means four directions – north, south, east and west. This design originates in the family crest of Shingen Takeda (1521-1573),the warlord in the age of civil wars in Japan.
"YU" and "ZEN" are from names of my two masters, and they mean “courage” and “goodness”. KAI" means “Society” in Japanese
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Shihan-dai. Uno Keisuke who is Kancho OMOTO's students won the full contact kumite in the “forties” class of All Japan Budo-Karate Championship held at TOKYO.

gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan 16/9/2012
I participated in the festival of combative sports held at Niigata prefcture and exchanged with the professional wrestling.Then I am 54 years old. I always thinks that if a person want to be a true Gojuryu Karate-ka, he should learn from even the professional wrestling.

For Goju-ryu,the techniques are practiced not only at the Dojo.Gojuryu which knows only Dojo isn't valid to the professional of the fight.The posture to have learning from them humbly is sometimes important for us.
Karate and Budo are means. The purpose is a spirit of Bushido. Budo is "Way of life. "

But I'm afraid in the private affairs,my father's side ancestor, Morokage Omoto,was an immediate vassal of Kamakura-Shogunate in 13century.
Afterwards, his clan was provincial samurai family that involved with Muromachi-Shogunate at Oumi near Kyoto until 16th century.
By the defeat of the war of Sekigahara(1600), that divided Japan into the east and west, his clan was became a village headman of the feudal clan of the chief vassal of Tokugawa shogunate until the Meiji Restoration in 1868.
On the other hand,my mother's grandfather,Naonobu Sugiyama,
fought the Meiji imperial army to protect the Tokugawa shogunate at Odawara on May 19, 1868.
The imperial army was 2,700 soldiers, but his side was only 273 soldiers.His gallantry is my pride.(The picture is the Odawara castle in Kanagawa prefecture.)
His swords are my heirloom.These were made 300 years ago, but they do not louse sharpness by accurate care from generation to generation. Real Japanese sword is full of severe brightness and integrity.I think my life must be like them.
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