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..It is presumed that Gojo-Ryu Karate has made from the following six roots .
1 Martial arts existed in Kume Village in Naha from 1392. 
2 Martial arts of “Wai Shinzan” came from China in the 19th Century.
3 Martial arts of “Tou Ruko"who was Higaonna's teacher at China duaring 19th century
4Martial arts Miyagi learned in China 90years before.
5 Martial arts originally developed by Miyagi.
6 Martial arts from “Motobu Choyo” in the 20th century

..Many scholars and professional skill person's groups came from Fujian in China by the Chinese emperor's instruction in 1392. They settled down in the kume village in Naha the maximum trading port town. They were called "the 36 families in kume-village(久米三十六姓)". ..The word "36" is a metaphor of "so much".
..Each families had professional skill , study, art, diplomacy, literature, engineering, the building and so on.
Their skill passed down only from father to son. The roots of Karate was also one of such professionals skill.
..In the Goju-Ryu DOJO that values the tradition of Okinawa, the martial arts god "Busa-ganashi:Kyu-Ten-Fu- Ka- In- DenTo-Gensui" (九天風火院田都元帥)has been enshrined.It is the god of the folk customs belief (taoism) imported from China by them.
About② Who was “Wai Shinzanワイシンザンとは何者か。

Wai Shinzan” was thought the Chinese martial artist and the teacher of Arakaki Sesyo 新垣世璋(teacher of Higaonna Kanryo).  His real name was Wang Daxing (王打興;王重興1793?~1894?).
He came to Okinawa twice, once in 1838 and once in 1866 as the military arts executive accompanying representatives of the Chinese government.
 The pronunciation “Wai Shinzan” originates from
Wang Shijiang:王師匠” (meaning; Wang sensei).  Wai Shinzan had kept close relations with old karate masters in Okinawa. Now he is regarded as one of the founders of Gojo-Ryu.  
..In the “Bubishi”which is called the Bible of Gojo-Ryu , the philosophy of Wai Shinzan was recorded .As a side note, in this book Wai was written by his another name"Wang Yuedeng王登岳.”
Wai Shinzan's influences is also seen in Syuri-te. Matsumura Sokon also was his student. The Katas, “
Wankan”, “Wansyu”, and “Unsu” originate in the alias named Wang Shijiang;王師匠 (meaning Wang sensei).  “Wankan” means “Wan-Bukan王武官”.  Bukan means the martial bureaucrat.
 “Wansyu” was form “
Wang Shijiang”.  Unsu was form “Wang Shijiang”.  Incidentally, he was a famous martial artist in the Chinese “White Crane Kung Fu”.  As a result, Karate was influenced from this type of Kung Fu.
Note:  Wai Shinzan = Wang Shijian = Wang Daxing = Wang Yuedang
About③Who was "Tou Ryuko?トールーコウ、ルールーコー、リュウリュウコウ"とは何者か。
.. Strangely, the correctly name of Higaonna's Chinese master is unknown. Only the pronunciation "RuRuKo", "RyuRyuKo" or "TouRyuKo" have been handed down.About this "person's name,there are two theories according to recent studies.

..One theory is that Kan"ryo" Higaonna was called by such a nickname "RuRuルール―"or"RyuRyu"in China.There is a custom in China to call young people by such nicknames.

..Another theory is that TouRyuKo トゥールーコis Jeng Lai-Gung",the expert of "White Crane(白鶴拳)".

And more there is also a third theory.
 It is that "TouRyuKo" is
Ton Lee-Kun"鄭礼公", the expert of “"White Crane(白鶴拳)"
The name
TouRyuKo is information from Seiko Higa. Because Higa's father was a cousin of Kanryo Higaonna, Higa inherited a lot of information about Higaonna. Chojun Miyagi, by contrast, knew little about Higaonna's master. Therefore, I think it is best to infer from the information Seiko conveyed.
→refer to Ton Lee Kung.
The founders to Gojuryu Karate 
Kanryou Higaonna 東恩納寛量(1853 – 1916)
kanryo higaonna                                             
..Kanryo Higaonna had three famous students, Juhatsu Kyodo, Chojun Miyagi, and Seiko Higa.  Higaonna handed down ther four katas: Sanchin, Sesan, Sanseru and Bettyurin. His Bettyurin is somewhat different from today's Goju-ryu suparinpei. There is the documentation that provethese katas had existed in Okinawa before Higaonna.
He is said to have learned Nahate from Sesyo Aragaki新垣世璋(photo1840-1920).So we can say he was the disciples of TouRyuko's disciple.Currently, a kata called "Aragaki no Unsu' is handed down in Seiko Higa's lineage Goju-ryu. It's the same pronunciation as Unsu in Syurite, but a completely different Kata.
.."Unsu" means Kata of "Wang shijian (Wang sensei)" as mentioned above, and I think there are at least three Kata that claim to have been learned from Wang.

..It had been believed Higaonna stayed in China for 10-30 years and learned Kung-Fu from the master named Ru Ruko ;ルールーコ―(RuRyuko,Tou Ryuko). But recently there is a new theory his length-of-stay in China was about three years, and his purpose was business. (photo;"Yanbaru ships" used for trade at the time)
More than half a century ago,my old master said to me there is no proof on Ryu Ryuko. And he heard Higaonna helped his teacher's child from big flood. So he came to learn Kung-Fu from the teacher.But there is no proof the teacher's name was Ru(Tou) Ryuko.
.Nowaday some Karate masters come to China to look for the evidence of Ru(Tou)-Ryuko. And,of course, Ru-Ryuko had not been discovered. What they are really arguing about is  misunderstanding when they discover a Chinese master with a name that looks likes Ru-Ruko.  But it is just a fantasy because the Kung-Fu correspond to Gojo-Ryu hadnot identified at all.
..Kanryo Higaonna certainly revived Naha-te, which was on the verge of disappearing, and handed it down to future generations. However Goju-ryu contains a lot of Kata and techniques other than his Nahate.

...Juhatsu Kyoda許田重発(1887-1968)
..He was the oldest student of Kanryo Higaonna.He founded Touon-Ryu from the difference of  opinion with Chojun Miyagi. "Touon" is Higaonna variant pronunciation.
Kyoda was not modifying the technique of Higaonna at all.He had only six Katas,"Sanchin,Sesan, Sanseru, Petturin(Betturin),Jion and Nepai"
.Jion was from Kentsu Yabu屋部憲通(Soldier (Sergeant);1866-1937) ,and Nepai was from Kenki Go(Tea Trader;1886-1940).
..Higaonna had only four Katas(Sanchin, Sesan,Sanseru and Betturin). So Kyoda was suspicious of the legitimacy and large number of Miyagi's Kata.Now when we watch Kyoda's Touon-ryu's Kata, we can guess Miyagi added a lot of improvements to Higaonna's Nahate.  

F From "Photograph Collection of Famous People and Landscapes in Okinawa"(1935). Kyoda is the only karate-related celebrity included in this photo book. He was an intellectual who served as an elementary school principal.
The photo is of Tomari elementary School, where he served as principal.He was a karate master to us, but before that, he was a renowned educator.
..At the demonstration held in 1939 when the Dainippon Butokukai Okinawa branch was established, juhatsu Kyoda performed "Suparinpei," chojun Miyagi performed "Tensyo," jinan Shinsato and Seiko Higa performed "Sesan," and seiko Fukuchi performed "Sisochin." This is an episode proves to both himself and others that Kyoda is the orthodox from kanryo Higaonna.
This is the first record of a public performance of Suparinpei. In 1941, Kyoda's best student Kanki Izumikawa, 4th Dan, demonstrated Suparinpei in the Japan first karate demonstration held jointly by karate-ka of mainland Japan and Okinawa at YOKOHAMA.

phot;1939 demonstration program



 Among the children he taught was Kanki Izumikawa(泉川寛喜1908-1967; the best disciple of Seiko Higa, the first Okinawans to initiate organized Gojuryu dojo activities in mainland Japan ) .Their Karate relationship continued until after the war..Kanki modified the Gekisai daiichi and Gekisai daini created by Chojun Miyagi for school education in 1940, based on Kyoda's Sanseru, and named them Gekisai syodan and Gekisai nidan.

..Chojun Miyagi 宮城長順(1888-1953)
..He was a very wealthy merchant in Nafa and supported Kanryo Higaonna's life until his death.
..He was a reformer rather than a conservative, full of ambition to study the Nahate, give it theory and system, create a new Nahate called Gojuryu, and spread it as Japanese Budo all oner the Japan.He thought this would raise the status of Okinawa and Okinawan culture.
..He added new and original elements to Naha-te from Higaonna and completed Goju-Ryu Karate.  He modified Sanchin into a modern style, created Tensyo, invented various tools and methods for training, devised warm-up exercises and systematic training methods, created Gekisai, and perhaps Sepai and Created Saifa, modified Sanseru, Seienchin, Kurururunfa, and Suparinpei.
..He was an educator at heart, learned, and inquisitive. He was presumed to have collected a large number of Kata, but he tried to sift through them to create a system of Gouryu's theory and practice based on Sanchin and Tensyo...The name “Goju-Ryu” was designated by Sinsato Jinan新里仁安(1901~1945) in 1929.  

..In Japan he based himself in Kyoto because Kyoto was the headquarters of Japanese Budo. He acquired the title of "Kyoshi" .It was the first time in karate. He regularly taught karate at a university in Kyoto.Gogen Yamaguchi 山口剛玄was one of unversity student . Teaching in university make his social position improved.
..In Okinawa,Karate was alredy became the subject of the physical education in the secondary school from1905.
"Pinan(Heian)1to5" were made by
Anko Itosu糸洲安恒 (photo:1902)for secondary school education.
Gichin Funakoshi冨名腰義珍 ,the student of Anko Itosu, migrated to Tokyo in 1922 and taught Karate to a lot of university students."Syoto" was the town name he lived.
..But Naha-te had been greatly delayed starting compared with Syuri-te. ..Miyagi was also Shihan of Naha commercial high school.He brought up a lot of students in Okinawa.
..Miyagi was a pure Samurai.He forbade his disciples to make a living from karate.He adamantly hated the practice of turning karate into money.He didn't issue any Dan,any title...However, it can be said that it is too strict an order for the disciples.
..In the World War II , Okinawa became a burnt ground .Many Karate experts died.And Okinawa was occupied until 1972 by United States.It brought Karate deeply devision between Japan mainland and Okinawa.. Above all, Miyagi passed away too early.( in 1953 at the age of 64.) Gojuryu had become a state of rivalry in both mainland Japan and Okinawa.
..Miyagi's goal of theorizing and systematizing of Goju-ryu karate is not over yet. We have an obligation to strive for perfection. It is a mission on a different level than the Olympics and sports.
 At the place (Kume town, Naha city) where Goju-Ryu was born, there is a commending stone monument dedicated Kanryo Higaonna and Chojun Miyagi Needless to say, they are initiators of Gojuryu.
沖縄県那覇市、剛柔流空手道発祥地に建つ東恩納寛量と宮城長順の顕彰碑 October 3, 2013.
Three important messages from Miyagi had been carved for the other side of this monument.
1 We should know that a secret of Gojuryu Karate exists in Kata.
2 We should achieve a harmony of nature inside us by Gojuryu Karate .
3 We should pursue a moral character by Gojuryu Karate .
This monument had built in the birthplace of Nahate-Gojuryu. This place was called kume village in old times.
 kyan chotoku,miyagi chojun,kyoda juhatsu<BR>.
①Chotoku Kyan
②Chojun Miyagi
③Juhatsu Kyoda
chojun miyagi  kyoda juhatsu
④Kyoda and Miyagi when they were young. They were rival at the same time as the relation like the brother it
..In the opening operation, Seienchin, Sepai, and Kururunfa do not have sanchin operation.  It suggests that Goju-ryu has at least two lines of roots.And these kata donot exist in Touon-Ryu of Kyoda. This means that Miyagi had had another teacher besides Higaonna. Who was he?

Motobu ChoyuMotobu Choyu 本部朝勇(1857-1928)
 He is presumed that the person who taught these kata to Miyaga .Motobu Choyu was a member of the royal family in Okinawa.  This means he had access to many great masters of excellent studies, martial arts and arts from an early age.  Moreover, he was a great master of “Udon-di” that was handed down through the royal family.

Motobu formed the "Okinawa Karate Research Club" in 1923 .  A lot of famous Karate masters participated in the club.  It so happens that Miyagi Chojun and Mabuni Kenwa took active roles in the club.  Motobu maintained several kata that were able to be known through the royal family, Miyagi Chojun learned many kata from Motobu.  We seems Saifa, Sisouchin, Seienchin, Sepai, and Kururunfa came from Motobu because the katas share similar techniques including joint locks, chokeholds, tighten holds, grappling holds, and throws that are common elements of Udon-di.  Motobu endeavored to advance Okinawan martial arts until his death in 1928.Motobu’s death along with divisions within the sect caused by financial difficulties resulted in the decline and eventual disappearance of the Okinawa Karate Research Club.

.. Kenki Go(呉賢貴1886-1940)was another important person with roots in Goju-Ryu.  He was a Chinese who moved to Okinawa and became a naturalized citizen after the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911.
His martial arts lines was from
Fujian White Crane.  Chojun Miyagi was always interested in this technique.  His strong influence can be seen in Tensyo and Suparinpei.  The “Kakufa;Haffa” from him is maintained in Higa Seiko’s lineage as a secret Kata.  
..Shinko Matayoshi又吉真豊(1888-1947) ,the founder of KimGai Ryu became a disciple of the KimGai master by his mediation.
The KimGai master was a senior of Syu Shiwa who was the master of KanbunUechi(1877-1948)who was the founder of Uechi Ryu.
By the way, Kim of KimGai means a gold, symbol of "Softness". Gai means "hard" in Chinese.Therefore,the meaning of the word KimGai is same as Goju ryu,"hard" and "soft".The relation between Gojuryu, Uechiryu ,Ryueiryu,Kimgairyu in the category of Nahate is interesting.

..Seiko Higa(比嘉世幸1898~1966)
..He was the relative and the final student of Kanryo Higaonna. And he studied under his senior Chojun Miyagi after the death of Higaonna.  But the idea and the Kata between Miyagi and Higa was considerably different.Miyagi was a Karate teacher in secondary school and University.Higa was a policeman.Miyagi thought Gojuryu Karate as physical education in school education.  His first students in Kyoto were university students , social elite class at the time.  In contrast, Higa's Gojuryu was a martial arts and he did not go out of Okinawa.  It was Seiko Higa who retained the Nahate katas and techniques that Miyagi discarded.

 ..7.1940the Dainippon Butokukai Honbo Kyoto
Karatekas who have been awarded the "Renshi" title.
hiroshi Miyasato 宮里浩
fumiko Suzuki 鈴木文子
shinko Matayoshi 又吉真光
seiko Higa 比嘉世幸
gogen Yamaguchi 山口剛玄
zenko Yamashiro 山城善光
hiroyasu Konishi 小西康裕
jinan Shinsato 新里仁安

kensei Kinjo 金城兼盛
syoshin Nagamine 長嶺将真
gigou Funakoshi 船越義豪

 They are outstanding members representing Okinawa and the mainland. It is important and interesting that they were participating in the Dainippon Butokukai as an organization.

 As of 1941, there were only 20 title holders (karate) in the Dainippon Butokukai, 3 Kyoshi and 17 Renshi. By the way, there are 5,600 people in Kendo and 2,073 people in Judo. Karate was the lowest of the lowest of Japanese Budo.
 ちなみに1941年の時点で空手術の大日本武徳会教士号・錬士号保持者は総計20名。剣道(5600名)や柔道(2073名 )に比べて著しく小さく範士号は空手術に授与されていない。武徳会附属の武道専門学校(武専)は剣道、柔道、弓道の中等教員養成機関(武道学士)であり、当時の法令、学則、記録等を確認しても空手術が教授されていた痕跡はない。宮城長順が武専で指導したという説があるが考えられるのは学生有志による学校外活動での指導であろう。

..There is a hearsay that Mr. Miyagi said, "Only the Dainippon Butokukai can issue Dan''.But the Butokukai only issued Dan for three Budo: Kendo, Judo, and Kyudo. And the Butokuka did not approve of the Dan system of other Budo.

..Higa interacted with Shinko Matayoshi and Kenko Nakaima. They learned Gojuryu Karate from Higa, and Higa learned Matayoshi Kobudo and RyueiRyu Kobudo from them. Higa also learned Unsu from Choyu Motobu, which is different from today's famous Syotokan Ryu's Unsu and is called Arakaki no Unsu. Kobudo and Unsu above are not included in Chojun Miyagi's system.
..By the way, Higa was critical of the name "Goju-ryu,"' and is reported to have said, "We should have called ourselves Chinese Shaolin-ryu."

..Kanki Izumikawa(泉川寛喜1908~1967), the first disciple of Seiko Higa, came to Japan in 1939 and started Gojuryu Karate dojo activities ,the most oldest in Japan mainland.
He was also a disciple of Kyoda Juhatsu, so some of Izumikawa's kata have techniques that came from Kyoda.

"The lineage of Gojuryu is Sensei kanryo Higaonna→Sensei chojun Miyagi→Sensei seiko Higa→Me. Sensei Higa is a disciple of Sensei Higaonna with Sensei Miyagi.They are brother disciples of Sensei Higaonna.
Now, Sensei Higaonna and Sensei Miyagi have passed away, and only Sensei Higa is working hard to teach the next generation as the chairman of the Gojuryu Okinawa Promotion Association in distant Okinawa, the birthplace of karate. "
May 1, 1957
"Monthly Karatedo magazine No.5; 昭和32年月刊空手道第2巻7号)
Yuzenkai 勇善会
Yosiaki Naganuma 長沼善秋(1944~)
Yuzenkai founder Naganuma is a final generation who use Goju-Ryu Karate in the real fight. First he learned the Gojuryu from kanki Izumikawa and his son kanbun, the lineage of Seiko Higa. After their passing,Naganuma started his own dojo "Yuzenkai" under senior Isamu Kato(加藤勇)'s advice for combat Gojuryu as you can see in this site.Thus our Yuzenkai born in 1983.
..The name yuzenkai is the name taken from each letter of their names. Yu (勇) is the kanji from Isamu(勇), and Zen (善) is the kanji from Yoshiaki(善秋).

.加藤勇師範.....Shian Isamu Kato(1941-2023) 

With hanshi KankiIzumikawa(1908-1967)
With senior shihan Busen Arakawa(1929-2016:The landlord of Okinawa Kobudo , the founder of Sokanryu Nunchaku)那覇出身の泉川寛喜範士(1908-1967)と。
←1965 TV show.kanki Izumikawa & busen ARAKAWA

 Shihan Kato was able to use the kata "Sanceru'' throwing technique in real competition.剛柔流の型の投げ技を競技でキメる。

....Now he has been as Hanshi in GOJU-RYU international KARATEDO- KOBUDO Union .In 2013 he transfered the position of Kancho of Yuzenkai to Shihan Omoto. Now he is supreme adviser of YUZENKAI.

..In this way,the old type real fight Goju-Ryu was handed down to us .The name of YUZENKAI is a synthesis of their first names.
By the way, Hanshi Naganuma is also the famous Shihan of the traditional Japanese instrument “syakuhachi.”

gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan Kazunori OMOTO尾本一則(1958~) Kancho Omoto has been guieded Karate by Shihani Naganuma since 1973.

(In 2011, with the late famous professional wrestler ,Karate shihan ,kancho Masashi Aoyagi)
故 青柳政司館長(1956-2022)と。

.勇善会.The word "Nahate-Gojuryu" indicates not the new ryuha name but the Yuzenkai's mission. By recognizing Goju-ryu again within Nahate's category, it is to pass on to the next generation the skills and traditions that are disappearing by the standardization of sports karate.As a premise, Yuzenkai have faithfully followed the contents of Goju-ryu before 1982, which was the starting point for the standardization of Japanese karate.(Of course when teaching karate to children and high school students, modern sports katas and Kumite are given priority.)
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