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Kenkyo-ha Goju Karate Kempo 謙虚派剛柔空手拳法師範
ロバート・ダイソン博士 Shihan, Dr Robert Dyson
Dojo: Address: Durham City,County Durham,DH1 1AQ,United

Karate is a game sports for a lot of people to aim at the result by the tournament. Moreover, people who enjoy Karate as lifelong sports exist in no small way, too.
On the other hand, there is a person who trains Karate as seeker after truth. Karate-do is a life and spirit for him. It looks like the pursuit of an ultimate stage of ZEN.Japanese "Do:道"
is originally an ethics concept. Shihan Dr Robert Dyson is seeker after truth as such a meaning. YUZENKAI-Gojuryu is sports for
the young person, is military arts for the martial artist, and is a philosophy of the life for the seeker after truth.Shihan Dr Robert Dyson's participation will enrich Karate of YUZENKAI.
Two articles were contributed by Dr Robert Dyson

1 Short History of Karate (second edition)
page 155(pdf) by Michael Cowie& Robert Dyson
2 Training Power and Focus
..all page 15(pdf)by Michael Cowie& Robert Dyson
 鍛錬・力・焦点 15ページ

It is what we should admire that these articles were written by persons who are not a Japanese.
These studies have new knowledge and suggestion .                  
New article by Dr Robert Dyson.(5/9/2015)
5)The Mind/Body Gestalt (PDF) 心身の実相

Dr Robert Dyson's Karate, Kenkyo-ha Goju Karate Kempo, is studied in the United Kingdom on a one-to-one
basis in a small indoor and garden dojo. He is interested not in creating a large and powerful organisation or in tournaments and self-display, but in bringing together people who want to learn from each other and live according to the spirit of budo: a spirit of humility, sincerity and service.
His motto is a saying of Ueshiba Morihei Osensei(Initiator of Aikido)“True victory is victory over the self” 正勝吾勝.The following paragraphs briefly express the guiding principles of his Kenkyo-ha Goju Karate.
謙虚派剛柔空手の指導は、ダイソン博士自宅の小さな屋内道場と庭の一角で主に一対一で行われている。 彼は強大な組織づくりやトーナメントでの自己顕示に全く関心はない。彼の最大の関心事は、人生を武道精神的に生きようとする人々と共に在るである。その思想は合気道の創始者植芝盛平の「本当の勝利とは自己に対する勝利である」[正勝吾勝]のひとことに表されている。以下の文章は彼の著書「 Kenkyo-ha Goju Karate Kempo – An Introduction to the Way of Karate (2011).謙虚派剛柔空手-空手の道入門」からの抄訳である。

Practise with humility.人間性を伴ってことの修業
Be aware always of your own faults and shortcomings and not inordinately proud of your accomplishments. Do not seek to magnify yourself by defeating or humiliating others. Treat those junior to yourself not as inferiors, but as younger brothers and sisters. Treat those senior to yourself as older brothers and sisters: learn from them and accept their correction and advice without resentment. Remember that we are all on the same path, regardless of “style,” and do not be jealous or mean-spirited in your criticism of others.
Preserve your own integrity and independence of mind.身体と精神の独立をめざす
Respect your teachers and the great teachers of the past, but do not worship them. Respect is not the same thing as slavish com-pliance, and you will only harm your teacher if you encourage him to believe that he is beyond criticism. Provided you do so with humility and a genuine desire to learn and grow, do not be afraid to ask questions or challenge the received orthodoxies. There can be no growth without change, and under-standing cannot be learnt by rote.
あなたの先生および、それに連なる偉大な先師を尊敬しなさい。ただし彼らを崇拝しないこと。敬意と、卑しい承諾は同じものではない。あなたの先生があなたに一切の批判を許さないようときこそ、あなたは先生を批判すべきである。謙遜に学んで本当に成長したいなら、先生にしっかり質問し、その教えに挑戦することを恐れてはならない。変化なしに 成長なし。暗記は学習ではない。
Rise above yourself.自力本願であれ
As you acquire strength and self-confidence, try to use these things for the good of others, showing love and compassion to all sentient beings, and never using them for your own glorification. Do not mock or despise the weakness of others, but help them to overcome it.
Do not attach undue value to physical strength and prowess.
Wisdom can increase with age, but strength will certainly leave you as time passes. 
強さと自信を取得したら、他者のためにそれを活用するようにせよ。愛と慈悲を一切衆生に示し、それをあなたの称賛のために使用しないこと。 他者の弱点を馬鹿にしたり軽蔑せず、彼らが自己に打ち勝つのを助けること。身体的な強さや力に過度の価値を付けないこと。時間とともに知恵は増加するが、強さはあなたを置き去りにするだろう。

Three theses by Dr Robert Dyson.(10/1/2015)
1)A Short History of Goju Ryu(PDF)
2)Kata descriptions(PDF)
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