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Shihan Erik Nilsson
Branch chief of YUZENKAI SWEDEN
8th Dan Kyoshi
Head of Yuzenkai Nouthern Europe
Shihan has been familiar with the martial arts ,Wrestling,Judo and so on,since he was a boy. And he learning in his childhood.And he has trained Karae since 1971.
He has taught the Karate at his Dojo;Hikarikai;since 1995.(Telge Dojo in City Södertälje and Järna Dojo in city Järna.)
Now He is 8 DAN(Kyoshi) Gojuryu、7 DAN Shitoryu ,7 DAN Kobudo, 7 DAN Fullcontact Karate, 6 DAN Jissen Karate.
In his Dojos,he teaches not only the traditional karate but also Kobu Do( Bo , Tonfa, Sai,Kama, Nunchaku) He and his Dojos are the member of the National Swedish Karate Federation and the National Kyoukushin and Fullcontact Federation. His karate and teachings has all values in the Japanese Budo arts.
The depth of the his profound knowledge on Karate is accompanied by deeply understanding on Japanese culture and history.I believe he is the best Karate-ka who won the essence of Gojuryu in Sweden.
He came to Japan in 2015 and 2018,and finished the KYOSHI grade(教士)course.

The belt-exam and demonstration. 7 June,2021
8 June,2019
In Japan . August 2019
Gojuryu International Karate Kobudo Yuzenkai Sweden Trainingseminar 10-14 Aug.2016

The video as the hommage of the trip to Sweden on August, 2016.

The seminar was hold in kindness of Shihan Erik Nilsson over the five-day. The one-day lesson is four hours.The seminar was systematically carried out about traditional basics and training method of Gojuryu , five Kata and their Bunkai(sanchin,tensyo,
gekisai1,gekisai2 and saifa), and the five categories of technique of Gojury.18 participants were conferred a certificate of seminar on. ⇒ Photo gallery
Shihan Erik Nilsson and Ms Susanne Nilsson in Japan 9/5~10/5.2015Yuzenkai Dojo,Japan
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