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スペイン勇善会代表 実戦総合唐手術勇善會
Branch chief of YUZENKAI SPAIN
Shihan Josep Claramonte 
Renshi 5th Dan錬士五段
Southern Europe Vice President

Blog:Practical Karate, Again
Shihan Josep Claramonte's main style is Shotokan, Kyokushin and Gojury.His activities currently include kids, teenagers and adults Karate classes in different locations. -Some related partnerships include joint training and instruction with Taekwondo and Judo experts.

Shihan Josep & Shihan Shimose
Estación de Atocha,Spain 2.2020

Nijushiho bunkai exploration by Shihan Josep Claramonte 5/5/2017
Shihan Josep Claramonte submitted the Renshi (錬士)dissertation to GIKKU- Yuzenkai Japan in December 2016 and Yuzenkai Honbu accepted it.His thesis ,which is more than 400 pages, is the results of original study and he added the new findings in Karate research. After careful consideration, GIKKU-Yuzenkai was determined that it is appropriate to award him the Renshi title.And he was awarded the title on March3 ,2017. He was promoted to 5thDan by this outcome.
A research to Karate doesn't have a citizenship as an academic study in Japan.In other words,a study of Karate as Doctoral course level is nothing.This is a serious barrier for advance of Karate.So GIKKU aims to play a role as the institution for Degree as a researcher in Karate study .And GIKKU decided to authorizes a Karate Title(Degree) not by ambiguous contribution but by creative dissertation.

gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan 28-29/11/2015
Shihan Josep Claramonte,branch chief of Cnina,come to Japan and has completed the advanced course on "Gojuryu five Categories of Technique"at the Yuzenkai Honbu from November 28 to the 29th.中国勇善会支部長のカラモンテ・ユセプ師範が来日し、勇善会本部で二日間にわたる上級コースを修了した。
The following articles are the articles sent by him.
Shihan.Claramonte's article1
About the Neurological paths and Karate 脳ニューロンと空手について
About KATA Bunkai  型分解について
About Full contact training フルコンタクト・トレーニングについて
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