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Gojuryu international Karatedo Kobudo Union Yuzenkai
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Yuzenkai Spain 勇善会 西班牙 Last update SEPTEMBER 20, 2015
Branch chief of YUZENKAI Spain
Shihan Dr
. Licesio Prieto Blanco.MD
師範 リセシオ・プリエト・ブランコ 医学博士

He acquires the first DAN in 1991, and is Gojuryu6 DAN now. He has affiliated with GIKKI-Yuzenkai to take part of an organization that follows the principles and traditions of Traditional Karate,with an international background and prestige of its members.
He acquires the first DAN in 1991, and is Gojuryu6 DAN now.And he is Medical Doctor and Karate instructor. The doctor's participation is gospel for GIKKU.


Dojo: Address: Jun Fan Academy C/ La zarzamora 244 BUb. Patricia Ponferrada Spain

Jun Fan Academy / Budokan Dojo, is open Monday to Saturday, tenemnos different times in karate classes for the morning and evening, it is a place of traditions and respect for traditional karate.



His Dojo has family-like warmth.And the members enjoy training in not only Dojo but also outdoors and competition game.There is Karate as the lifelong Budo.

The exchange of Japan and Spain is 401 years.
Hasekura Tunenaga(1571–1622)
He ,the representative of the Mission from Japan,reached to Spain spending four years,and met with Felipe Ⅲ,King of Spain in 1614.The Hasekura-Mission's destinations was Rome. But several Somurais had liked Spain, turned Christian,and settled down. About 2000 descendants of them are in Spain today.
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