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Gojuryu international Karatedo Kobudo Union Yuzenkai ......... e-mail:yuzenkai@ab.auone-net.jp
Photo gallery ,last up date 1/5/2018
Spring semester starts .........April.2018
year end party at Atsugi on December30. 2017
21'th yuzenkai tourment for boys and girls at Atsugi city Ogino sports Complex on December3. 2017
Yuzenkai Japan Summer training Camp for kids 24~25/6/2017
18/3,2017 .. Examination30/10~3/11,2016 .. In Okinawa
Gojuryu International Karate Kobudo Yuzenkai Sweden Trainingseminar 10-15 August 2016
Yuzenkai Srilanka Dojo and Head office has be established on 17th of January 2016

Shihan L Saman Pushpakumara

Gojuryu Yuzenkai Srilanka Dojo

Students gave a Suprise on his Bday

A lot of new students enrolled. 新しい生徒が続々と入会手続き。

Congratulatory address by the guests 来賓の祝辞

As proof of Gojuryu Dojo, the classi proverb "Eight Principles of Karate" was put up.

The rising star Chathurya in Srilanka Yuzebkai.
Well come! Shihan Shihan Josep Claramonte,branch chief of Cnina! 11/28~29/2015
Well come! Shihan Erik Nilsson and Ms. Susanne Nilsson from Sweden 10/5/2015

Shihan Erik Nilsson came to Japan with the result of wonderful self-study .He had completed the ten hours advanced course about all Kata (Sanchin to Kakufa) and the theory and the history of Karate.
Visite to Srilanka 11~17,8/2014 スリランカ勇善会訪問

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