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Fev.~March 2023
The kururunfa of the woman is different from the kururunfa spread around the world.
Starting with kansetsu-geri to the right is the characteristic of the lineage of Seiko Higa who was a pupil of kanryo Higaonna . This type is now minority.However originally all Goju-ryu kata except Gekisai which was created for high school physical education start with a movement to the right.
This is a video clip I shot to let her, who just learned kururnfa, discover her weaknesses. In particular, nekoashi-dachi and mawashi-uke are immature. So it should not be uploaded.But I dare to upload it for a limited time to show this Kururunfa's characteristics.

  Oct.2022 We still fight Covid-19… 
 Oct./ 2021
 A certain autumn day workshop Nov.2020
23'th yuzenkai tourment for kids on Dec.8. 2019
The Karate demonstration for the students from China中国高校生のための歓迎会
22~23/6/2019 kids summer training camp(2020's camp canceled by covid19)
23~25/11/2018 Shihan Huang Hai,the branch chief of China, is visiting Japan.
Welcome back! Shihan and Mrs.Nilsson from Sweden. (15~19/8/2018)
2018 spring semester starts ..

← Gekisai syodan, the right: Gekisai nidan in kids class. Video clip playback by clicking. 
18/3,2017 .. Examination30/10~3/11,2016 .. At Okinawa
Gojuryu International Karate Kobudo Yuzenkai Sweden Trainingseminar 10-15 August 2016
Yuzenkai Srilanka Dojo and Head office has be established on 17th of January 2016

Shihan L Saman Pushpakumara剛柔流勇善会錫蘭道場。ojuryu Yuzenkarilanka Dojo
yew students enrolled. 新しい生徒が続々と入会手続き。

gratulatory address by the guests 来
e ri Yuzebk
Well come! Shihan Shihan Josep Claramonte,branch chief of Cnina! 11/28~29/2015
Visite to Srilanka 11~17,8/2014 スリランカ勇善会訪問
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