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勇善会米国フロリダ  Last update Marh 5, 2015
  Florida branch USAフロリダ支部 

Shihan David Somers has been training Budo since about 1978.
He had been absorbed up to now in his training, and did not recruit the students. Recentry, he become to think the Karate guidance at the his community. He is more well informed about the history and the person of Karate than the Japanese. I am surprised by his knowledge. I am expecting his Florida DOJO restart than anyone. This time, we received his wanting to guidance Gojuryu under the control of YUZENKAI Gojuryu.Because the posture to his Gojuryu Karate is corresponding to YUZENKAI, we decided to support him, and to entrust him with the future of Florida YUZENKAI.
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