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YUZENKAI SRILANKA 勇善会 錫蘭(スリランカ) Last update MAY 15, 2016
1/2/2016 スリランカ勇善会本部道場道場開き!
Shihan Saman pushpakumara's dream came to a reality. This is his greatest achievement.Yuzenkai Srilanka Dojo and Head office has be established with a grand opening on 17th of January 2016.
Yuzenkai Sri Lanka Will Grow Larger with this step.

The ceremony opened with the Chief Minister of the Western Province in attendance. And the secretary of the Sri Lanka Karate Federation also participated for this big event.

Photo gallery

Yuzenkai Japan thinks Sri Lanka has the possibilities to become a interchange place of Yuzenkai members from the viewpoint of convenience of access, sightseeing,traditional culture, comfortable climate, goodness of security and cost performance.


Branch chief Shihan L.Saman Pushpa kumara's student Miss Chathurya Viduranga Madusha won All island National Championship Kata 1st Place ! (Shihan Saman's left side is first place Chathurya)


All island National Championship, held on 19/12/2015

Branch chief of Sri Lanka YUZENKAI
Shihan.LSaman Pushpa kumara
Home Address: NO.1101/7, Liyanagoda,Pannipitiya,Sri lanka.
Urban Council Member and District Sport minster
Coordinator Secretary/School Karate Instructor
yuzenkai srilanka
 Shihan Saman is taking an active part for
years as the urban Council Member and District Sport minster .He is engaged in a lot of social contribution activities. There are a lot of fans of his character.He has wide networks, and is being surrounded by always a lot of supporters. I am convinced of the large contribution of his ardent activity to the development of Sri Lanka.

Shihan Saman is taking an active part for years as the urban Council Member and District Sport minster .He is engaged in a lot of social contribution activities. There are a lot of fans of his character.He has wide networks, and is being surrounded by always a lot of supporters. I am convinced of the large contribution of his ardent activity to the development of Sri Lanka.

He is a strong man who won thechampionship in the Kumite section of Asian Goju Ryu Karate Open Championship held at Punjab of India in 2012.


Shihan.LSaman Pushpa kumara has participated for the western province Karate Championship 2015 held on 13/12/2015.And he has won the 1st place from Kumite and 2nd place from Kata .This championship was for the Karate Chief Instructors all over the western province .

Western Province Karate Championship 2015 Gold Medal Winners Yuzenkai Team

Championship Certificates

Some Western Province Chief Instrctors


Shihan L.Saman's son and daughter won the All Island Goju Ryu Karate Championsip. His daughter was 1st place and his son is 2nd Place.
Gold Medal for Pushpakumara

Monday, 7 January 2013 /Sri Lanka's Daily News

 Wehelle Piyathilake Maharagama special correspondent
Saman Pushpakumara, a Councillor of Maharagama Urban Council, who represented Sri Lanka at the 8th Asian Gojuryoa Karate Open Tournament clinched a gold medal in the 75 kg Kumito event.
Saman Pushpakumara with his Gold
medal (Picture by Wehelle Piyathilake, Maharagama Special correspondent)
He was selected as the best sportsman and all-rounder at the tourney and he was honoured presenting a gold plated Championship Cup.
Along with this victory Pushpakumara was appointed as a senior coach and referee in Asian Karate Tournament and he was also promoted to international Black Belt – 6 category.Pushpakumara took to the Karate Sport in 1988 and he had won more than 20 gold and silver medals up to date.
He was able to clinch a silver medal at the Asian Karate Tourney held in India in 2011.
He expressed his thanks to his Karate Coach and Instructor, Japan Karate, Gojurya Ashikai Association Chief Instructor Sense H D C P Perera Black Belt – 6 for helping his victory.
He has been invited to represent Sri Lanka at the Asian Karate Tourney to be held in Malaysia in 2013 and to the International Karate tourney to be held in Hong Kong.
A special ceremony to welcome the victorious Sri Lankan Sportsman Pushpakumara was held recently organised by Maharagama Urban Council and the Western Provincial Sports Ministry at Maharagama UC premises.
The Provincial Sports Minister Upali Kodikara, the Chairwoman of Maharagama Urban Council Mrs Kanthi Kodikara and all the 22 Urban Councillors were present at the welcome ceremony to greet their colleague.


 なお、氏の凱旋祝勝会がマダラハマ大学 で行われ、ウパリ・コディカーラ、スポーツ大臣と州議会の議長および22名の議員の臨席のもと、行われた。
Travel to Sri Lanka スリランカへの旅  11/8~16/8/2014
"First Japan Karatedo Gojuryu YUZENKAI,Srilanka Open NationalKarate Tournament and Training Camp"had successful gone with the sports ministers ,the great politicians, each Ryuha Shihans and 500over participants by the effort of Shihan Samanon on 14,15 August2014.

5 minutes digest version.5分ダイジェスト版。

13minutes version.The content is a little different from the 5 minutes digest version.13分バージョン。内容は5分版と少し違います。

Greeting (සිංහලSinhalese)of the organizer
Branch chief of Sri Lanka YUZENKAI,Shihan.LSaman Pushpa kumara

Greeting (ජපන් ⇔සිංහල/Japanese⇔Sinhalese)of Shihan,Omoto Kazunori,Kancho of GIKKU YUZENKAI Japan

Congratulatory address (සිංහලSinhalese)
Mr.Upali Kodikara
TransportSport and Poad development minister
ウパーリ・コディカーラ スリランカ国 交通大臣・スポーツ大臣・道路開発大臣

Congratulatory address (සිංහලSinhalese)
Mrs.Kanthi Kodikara Urban council chairmanr
chief organizer of government party in Maharagama area

The welcome traditional performing arts for Kancho of G.I.K.K.U. YUZENKAI.お祝いと歓迎の民俗芸能

The commemorative gift to Kancho Omoto in "First Japan Karatedo Gojuryu YUZENKAI, Srilanka Open National Karate Tournament and Training Camp". Craft goods using valuable ebony.
Opening ceremony  オープニングセレモニー
Scenery of tournament 大会風景→ Photo gallery  
Training Camp 14.8.2014 大会前日の研修会
gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan 14th - 16th February 2014
The Sri Lanka Schools Karate Do team participated in the 5th Silent Knight Asia Karate Cup Tournament – 2014.This tournament had held at the Olympic Council of Malaysia’s Indoor Sports Centre on Saturday and Sunday, February 15 and 16 in February.26 boys and 18 girls of 25 schools had participated in this team..スリランカ学校空手道チーム(25校から男子26名女子18名)が、この2月にマレーシアで開催された第五回アジア空手カップ大会に参加した。そのうちサマン師範の指導するダルマハラ中等教育学校から参加した3名は勇善会の団体名で参加した。
gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan 20/12/2013
Two students of Shihan Saman won the all island karate champion ship first and second place and also the western province karate championship first and third place too.

Sri lanka karate federation will be hosting a tournament of all karatechief instructors in sri lanka (22nd of December 2013) and he is also take parting for this tournament for yuzenkai association by kata and kumite.
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