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branch Chief 
Shihan,Fazal Muhammad

パキスタン勇善会代表 ファザル・ムハンマド師範
Dojo Address: Youth Hall near Muslim Abad High School Quetta Pakistan.e-mail:Kaicho_iku_cd@yahoo.com

In 2014, the Pakistani Yuzenkai, which became our companion, was suspended due to many natural and social difficulties. In 2022, Pakistan has also suffered floods that covered one-third of the country, resulting in the loss of many people. Under these circumstances, we are very proud that Shihan has reopened his karate dojo.

Shihan Fazal 7 feet high jump double front kick breaking demo

2014年、勇善会に加盟したファザール・ムハンマド師範のパキスタン勇善会は、そのご多くの自然的および社会的困難のために活動を停止していた。昨年、パキスタンはさらに国土の 3 分の 1 を覆う大洪水に見舞われ、多くの人々が失われた。この状況下で、師範が空手道場を再開し5月には合宿を行うことを大変誇りに思う。

The Yuzenkai and Budoshin Karate Camp in Pakistan!
06-07 May 2023
勇善会-武道心空手合宿実施 2023年5月6~7日

 Shihan.Fazal Muhammad is the 1987 National Champion awarded by Chief Ministers,IG Police- Directors .And he is also ex- editor of" Super Martial Arts Magazine".
He has had a lot of Interviewed from Media and Television.
His career is as follows. Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate-7th Dan (KSK Union UK)- (7th Dan WUKO Brazil -Italy)- 8th Dan (Sansei Goju Ryu)1st Dan to 3rd Dan in Seigikan Karate(MA.Javed)-1989 to 1996- 5th Dan in Daido Juku from Australian Region(from Bruce Hynes World Champion)- 6th Dan in AFJ- Jujitsu (Master Moore-) Other honourary Ranking different times.He resonated to a clear cut policy to the traditional Discipline of Goju-Ryu of YUZENKAI, and agreed to non political Group and a non-profit-making organization of YUZWNKAI , He has assumed the position of Representative Pakistan.

 ファザール・ムハンマド師範は、1987年全パキスタンの空手チャンピョン。スタイルは剛柔流と極真。パキスタンの武術誌「スーパーマーシャルアーツ」の元特別編集員でもあった。メディアで報道された経歴も数多い。極真空手(KSK-Union UK)7段、WUKO7段、Sansei Goju Ryu 8段。勇善会の方針つまり伝統を踏まえての実戦志向の剛柔流フルコンタクト空手と、非政治的・非企業的な組織運営に共鳴してまた海外の勇善会との平和的連帯を志し2014年に勇善会パキスタン代表に就任していた。
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