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Kenkyo-ha Gojuryu Karate Kai
Shihan, Michael Cowie
Dojo:Nelson, Tasman

+64 27 835 7047
Shihan Michael Cowie is the representative of Kenkyo-ha Goju Karate kai. He is the real Karate researcher searching for Karate as not sports that should put out the result in a short term but Budo life-long pursued. His ideal is the same as one of YUZENKAI. He had trained in Japan, and published four books for deep understanding of Karate.
Shihan Michael Cowie has been studying martial arts for approximately 20 years with his main interest having been karate. He first started as a teenager in a Gojuryu Karate that has same root as YUZENKAI Gojuryu.Karate eventually took him overseas to England and Japan to study and teach, he lived in Kanagawa,Japan.He has spent some time researching and learning various Gojuryu and Syorinryu kata, and bunkai from different instructors.He became disillusioned with the many politics in the martial arts.
Unfortunately there were a great many people with ego who chose not to exchange ideas and knowledge and who are to caught up in grades and power and not the true essence of Budo and modest(謙虚).So he formed 謙虚派剛柔流空手会 with another instructor in the UK which is a small independent organisation.
He has interested in the depth of knowledge in the Yuzenkai Kata-Bunkai . We concluded the agreement of Affiliated Dojo because we understood the cooperation shared the same ideal.
"A Japanese Glossary for Karate Students"
"Kenkyo-ha Goju Karate Kempo - An Introduction to the Way of Karate"
「空手道小史」 "A Short History of Karate"
「太極拳入門」 "An Introduction to T'ai Chi Ch'uan"
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