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Gojuryu international Karatedo Kobudo Union Yuzenkai ......... e-mail:yuzenkai@ab.auone-net.jp
YUZENKAI Italy & Romania 勇善会伊太利羅馬尼亜 <Last update MAY16, 2016
         ................................................................ (Quebec Ontario)....................(Detroit)
Brabch Chief
Shihan Daniel Ionescu
カナダ:ケベック道場・オンタリオ道場 勇善会公認

temporary address: Sandwich St, Windsor, ON, Canadae-maildanielionionescu@gmail.com

Assistants Contactse:
• Lawyer Dumitru Frunza, Phd. Ing. Neghina Laurentiu , Romania
• Dott. Francesco Curra , Italy
• Leyla Munteanu MFA , Canada

Shihani Daniel Ionescu has been training all his life.
He try to work hard,the Tao-the Power-Force of Universe. The year 2017 is special year for him.
Becouse he started in Autumn of 1967 with JuJutsu-Judo-Box, with his grandfather.(and Karate Jutsu in 1973).
Now he is Gojuryu 5th DAN, and the style originates from Hanshi Seikichi Toguchi.And now he has opened 3 learning centers in Detroit (USA), Quebec and Ontario (Canada).And in Europa,he is working in Italy and Romania ,and he try in surprise for another country (strong country).
In there,he teach Karate-Goju Ryu -Close Combat-Self Defense,Bunkai-Kumite-Bujutsu,Karate-Kenpo-Leydan Kun Tao-NanShu(Fonder),Ninpo-Taijutsu,and Hapki KravSys Maga.His work in three country do not simple,but go ahead.Now his centers is the official Yuzenkai dojos and the representative of Yuzenkai in his countries,Italy and Romania.

By the way,Shihan Daniel Ionescu is also Shotokan 6th DAN and Jujitsu 4thDAN,and is physical therapist and Art Critic. So, his Karate guidance and his method are near new direction at which Yuzenkai aim.
He teach at various facilities, based on the city and country he is at that time. He set his classes as 2 or 3 times a week on a 3 months period. The learning instruments are mobile, including any advertising tools. He started to build up a website linked to one of his partners, that he hope will bring more karate enthusiasts to his dojo.

Visual Arts and Martial Arts are linked together through the way of thinking, moving and a form of displaying.

Goju-Ryu has a lot of theories that have not been clarified and diversified possibilities. When we are absorbed in game Karate and or sports karate, we are never interpretable.
Member of all over the world participates from each viewpoint in the clarification of Goju-Ryu is our Yuzenkai 's advantage.  

November,December 2015 and January 2016,he had,workshop,Karate-Goju Ryu-Close Combat Self Defense,at Leydan Art Galery,and i rented a space-for class,Karate-Goju Ryu-Close Combat Self Defense at Le Pera Taekwondo Association Gym,Windsor .I now prepare for return to Europe Italy,for activities

※ Workshop in Canada カナダの学習センターでのワークショップ

 ダニエル·イオネスク 師範にとって来年2017年は特別な年、武道修業50周年の年となる。彼の修業は1967年、彼の祖父から柔術、柔道そしてボクシングの手ほどきを受けたことに始まった。1973年から本格的に空手と柔術の道に入る。現在剛柔流五段。松濤館六段、柔術四段でもあるが、剛柔流にかける愛情がとりわけ強い
 ダニエル·イオネスク 師範の言葉「芸術と武術は、考え方、動き方、型についての考え方という点で共通している」は至言である。

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