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Branch chief
Shihan Dr Hamed Zafaranlou
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Yuzenkai Iran branch chief Shihan Dr Hamed Zafaranlou
勇善会イラン支部長 代表師範 ハーム・ザファランロウ
e-mail:zafaranlu@gmail.com :http://yuzenkai-karate.ir
Dojo address: 道場所在地及び稽古日は以下のとおり
① Iran, Mashhad, Imam Hossein Square, Malek sports complex, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday from 17/30 to 19.
②Mashhad, Iran, South Motahari, NAVID club, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 19/30 to 21.
③Iran, Mashhad, koohsangi, Rudaki 10, Rudaki Club, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, 19/30 to 21.
④Iran, Mashhad, PANJTAN, PANJTAN63 , club GHAEM, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, from 17 to 18/30.
Shihan Hamed Zafaranlou began with the Gojuryu Karate in teenager.And he had attended many competitions in different systems,full contact/ kick boxing/daido joko/wkf and kobudo. As a result ,he has had the opinion, Naha-te,Gojuryu is top karate.Because he win all the fighters by training of Gojuryu.Now he decided to complete the skills Gojuryu in G.I.K.K.U. He say Gojuryu beats his spirit, soul and body.
Yuzenkai Honbu was surprised at his Gojuryu by contents in his Web site. And I recognized that he has been already a specialist of Gojuryu Karate.(↓click)
A Yuzenkai Honbu has approved his Dojos as "the direct control Dojo in Japan Yuzenkai" and entrusted to him the future of Yuzenkai Gojuryu in Iran.My has five books on the science training of martial arts and Karate.

Another more,he is vice president of Shito-ryu Karate (hanko ryu) of IR IRAN. And President of Hanko ryu Shitoryu northeast Iran, President of okinawa Gōjūryu (ykkf ) of northeast of Iran. He is 5th dan in shito ryu and 4 th dan in goju ryu . He has a doctorate in physical education ( Scholars Scientific Foundation of Iran)and is teacher(working in the Ministry of Education of Iran) and Vice World Champion Kickboxing Turkey 2007.
 In him,full-contact kumite,traditional kumite,bunkai, kata,kihon and kobudu(karate weapon) are merged into one without contradiction.

 gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan IRAN Yuzenkai's students were honored (3Golds,2Silver,2Bronz)at the Okinwa Isshinryu karate International helthy world cup tourmemnt (Virtual Competition for Kata&Kobudo).

Hamed Zafaranlou Gold medal in kata and kobudo
Babak ZafaranlouSilver medal in kobudo and bronz medal in kata 
Hosein Sadri…
Silver medal kata 
Daniyal NekodariBronz medal kata
Mohammad ali sheydaSilver medal kata 
Iman ZirakiBronz medal kata 
Morteza bahadori…Bronz medal kata
S.Esmaeil.MosaviSilver medal kobudo 
M.A.Salmani zadeGold medal kobudo

 In 2.Fev.2020,the international karate tournament( ju kai do styl) was held in Mashhad. Shihan Dr Hamed Zafaranlou coached the Iranian national ( c : TOOS )team. "Toos "is the name of the ancient city of Mashhad. The city where our great poet Ferdowsi has a tomb. A city dating back 2,000 years.
Team (c) consisted of martial artists from Mashhad and the eastern provinces of Iran. Yuzenkai students were also on the team. At the end of the championship, the first Azerbaijani team, the Iranian national team (C) and the Iraqi team became third. Iran's Yuzenkai students performed very well and won many medals as follow.

☆gold medal :Arsalan zafaranlou , babak zafaranlou,javad barzegari,mohammad davtalab,hasan asghari.
☆silver medal: javad tayebi ,mehrdad zahmatkesh,omid sadeghzade,javad foladiyan,davod nekodari.
☆Boronz medal: amirhosein hojat, mehdi rahmani,hamid zafarablou,daniyal nekodari,younes javidi,saeed norozi,hosein sadri , ebrahim amir abadi, seyed esmaeel misavi.
16/12/2019  Yuzenkai Iran had a joint exercise with Shihan BIDKHAM from Kyokushin. We talked about jiyu kumite .
Appointment of Hamed Zafranloo as secretary of the coaching committee. (Karate of Khorasan Razavi Province)

Sensei Fatemeh Ezatmand's students took part in the Free Karate Championships in Khorasan Province in July 20,2019.It was the big success of Iran Yuzenkai Girls.
Sensei Fatemeh Ezatmand's dojos are in Mashhad and Rajai district.
Shihan Dr Hamed Zafaranlou started new dojo , Renshi H.Shakori (member of yuzenkai Iran) and Seifu Mojtaba(kang fu master) visit the new dojo. ザファランロウ支部長、イラン勇善会五つ目となる道場を開始


New video "Return to traditional exercises, is the road map for Yuzenkai Iran 2019"was up loaded.(1 minute) 新ビデオ「伝統的な稽古への回帰。それがイラン勇善会のロードマップ」を公開

Shihan dr Hamed Zafaranlou became the teacher of karate physiology.photos:Teaching Physical Education Course by Hamed Zafaranluo, Karate Coaching Course. Mashhad December 14, 2018.ザファランロウ師範が空手体育学の研修会をイランで開催した。

The passion to Kobudo of YUzenkai Iran is splendid.They adhere to the tradition that Japanese much Karate Dojo lost.Their Karate walks traditional royal road in this sense.And their skill comes close to the birthplace Japan.イランでも古武道はさかんである。

SANSERU bunkai
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Kumibo… Tonfa vs Bou
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Summer test(Kyu exam.) was held.221/7/2018

Full contact exercises in Shihan Zafaranlou's dojo in MAY,2018.
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25/6/2018 イラン勇善会の指導者のひとりホセイン バクバニ師範 
Shihan Hosein Baghbani, Shihan Zafaranlou's guest, was in Mashhad. They had a good conversation about Yuzenkai in Iran. He is the representative in northwestern of Iran.

Tecnical camp Jun 2018

Mr.Pilot Omid Moeindarbari, member of  Yuzenkai Iran received a Commercial pilot license degree (CPL)
26/2/2018 New direct download materials were up loaded)
18/12/2017 "Omoto no Sai" and "Hamahiga no Sai" by Shihan Dr Hamed Zafaranlou were uploaded.(Direct Download)

First indoor tournament in 2018 has been held.
6/11/2017 video clip
This year,Shihan Dr. Hamed Zafaranlou ,the Representative of Iran Yuzekai, was appointed as the director of the Ayatolah Khamenei high school of physical education. Karate has been added to the courses of the high school physical education. Soon the dojo of high school will be established.
Shihan Zafaranlo established the Kihon Kata named "Kihon Shiho-Ido Omoto 1~7"for members in Iran Yuzenkai.His ability that created those Kihon-katas is the worthy of praise .Please click(They are directly downloading.)
ザファランロウ師範考案の基本型。「基本四方移動 尾本初段~七段」という名称が与えられている。
Kihon1 Kihon2 Kihon3 Kihon4
Kihon5 Kihon6 Kihon7 Kihon8
12/2/2017 Yuzenkai spreads rapidly in Iran. 

Coaches meeting was held for the basic kata to be taught in all dojos.The tournament will be held in the coming months.

2016年11月7日 イラン勇善会、ハーネ道場昇段級審査会

Two Karate-related books which Shihan Hamed Zafaranlou published in Iran were donated to the Japanese headquarters.

All dojos under Shihan Hamed Zafaranlou

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 MAY 3, 2019 
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KIHON YUZENKAI introduction
profile video of Yuzenkai Japan
2017ver. Part1 ..Part2
Hojo-undo(basic practice) Part1 Part2
Kakete part1 part2
Gojuryu Kata GEKISAI syodan 

GEKISAI nidan 
SEIENCHIN Sai no Kata(SEIENCHIN Sai verson
SEPAI(Guidance scenery) 十八 WKF /JKF type
SEPAI  十八 Ancient Gojuryu type
coaching of Sisouchin for beginner
Brief video for beginner to instruct that Kata has the meaning(bunkai of Sisouchin)

2017.8 Revised

2017.8 Revised
TV special show(2011) part1 part2
Nahate Kata PAIKU 白虎
(white tiger)
(black tiger)
Shotokan Kata HEIAN syodan
HEIAN nidan  
HEIAN sandan 平安三段
HEIAN yodan 平安四段
HEIAN godan 平安五段
Kumite Basic of full contact kumite part1 part2→Refer to the members only pages.
Basic of joint lock technique part1
Basic of throwing technique Refer to the members only pages.
Outpost to the rule for Goju-Ryu full contact Kumite Refer to the members only pages.
Yuzenkai Okinawa
Kobudo Kata
SYUSHI no KON syodan
Revised and enlarged   edition2015 周氏の棍 初段
SYUSHI no KON nidan
周氏の棍 二段
GEKISAI sandan for Sai
撃砕三段 釵の型
GEKISAI yodan for Tonfa
撃砕四段 対拐の型
GEKISAI godan for Kama
撃砕五段 鎌の手の型
Hamahiga no Tonfa and it's bunkai
Reference The demonstration of YUZENKAI INDIA (Andra State :April, 2014)
Reference First Japan Karatedo Gojuryu YUZENKAI, Srilanka Open National Karate Tournament and Training Camp volume.1 (5 minutes digest version.)
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