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YUZENKAI India勇善会 印度Last update JUNE20,2017

Renshi 6th Dan,Shihan Roy Fernandes
Representative of India YUZENKAI
Roy Rernandes:yuzenkaiindia@gmail.com
Mobile: 0091 9909399289
Adajan, Surat -395009 ,Gujarat,India
Shihan is having jurisdiction the YUZENKAI at seven states in India.
He has the 15black belter and 400 students.
His Karate career is 40 years.And he has loved Japanese martial arts, so he practices Iai and Aikido.
Kancho Omoto and Shihan Roy Fernandes had the meeting on August 14, 2014. It did not take time for us to respect each other. We noticed soon we are fellows. We talked about the dream of our Karate for several hours.
The Shihan Roy Fernandes's new Martial arts & fitness academy in Surat has started.20/6/2017
2nd Inter state Yuzenkai Karatedo Kobudo championship 第二回インド勇善会空手道古武道大会 in India
International Yuzenkai Gojuryu Karate Championship2015(October6,2015) exit successfullysuccesful gone.2015国際勇善会剛柔流空手道選手権大会は成功裏に終了した

Sihan Paul Thomas,4th Dan and new join member of Yuzenkai, is Kerala state Chief Instructor.
He is teaching Yuzenkai Gojuryu karate in fore Schools and clubs

Left is Chief Instructor Paul Thomas and
right is Shihan Kannan Menon Gen Secretary

Sihan Paul Thomas's students

The 1st Yuzenkai Cup-2013 (at Mumbai,India )
The 1st Yuzenkai Cup-2013 (at Mumbai,India )had been Successfully gone with 223 Participation on December 28 last year .This championship will be organized to hold it as an international game in 2015 in the future.
I (Kancho Omoto) have respeced Shihan-Renshi Roy Fernandes . The reason is that he has not only skill of Karate but also the Iai and the Judo,and he is experts of these with a deep attainments.By the animations and images from him,I have understood that he is not only the accurate Karate-ka but also the excellent educator .So,I have been very impressed by holding the YUZENKAI-Cup2013 ,and I feel sorry that I was not able to came to Mumbai.I think that this YUZENKAI-Cup is a first step of our friendship.I hope to cooperate more and more with Shihan for the friendship of Japan and India. I make an effort so that the day when I meet you may come fast. Kazunori Omoto,Kancho of YUZENKAI
yuzenkai indiayuzenkai indiayuzenkai india
yuzenkai indiayuzenkai india
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