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Renshi 6th Dan,Shihan Roy Fernandes
Representative of India YUZENKAI
Roy Rernandes:yuzenkaiindia@gmail.com
Mobile: 0091 9909399289
Adajan, Surat -395009 ,Gujarat,India

Shihan is having jurisdiction the YUZENKAI at seven states in India.He has the 15black belter and 400 students.
His Karate career is 40 years.And he has loved Japanese martial arts, so he practices Iai and Aikido.
Kancho Omoto and Shihan Roy Fernandes had the meeting on August 14, 2014. It did not take time for us to respect each other. We noticed soon we are fellows. We talked about the dream of our Karate for several hours.
The Shihan Roy Fernandes's new Martial arts & fitness academy in Surat has started.20/6/2017 インド勇善会のロイ・フェルナンデス師範の新しい道場がスタートした
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