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Gojuryu international Karatedo Kobudo Union Yuzenkai ......... e-mail:yuzenkai@ab.auone-net.jp
YUZENKAI CHINA 実戦総合唐手術勇善会Last update, MAY 5, 2017.

中國勇善会代表 実戦総合唐手術勇善會 カラモンテ・ユセプ師範
Branch chief of YUZENKAI CHINA
Shihan Josep Claramonte Renshi 5th Dan錬士五段
Dojo;Jiexiang Fight Club(Shanghai上海)
Blog:Practical Karate, Again
Shihan Josep Claramonte's main style is Shotokan, Kyokushin and Gojury. His activities currently include kids, teenagers and adults Karate classes in different locations. -Some related partnerships include joint training and instruction with Taekwondo and Judo experts.

Nijushiho bunkai exploration by Shihan Josep Claramonte gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan 5/5/2017
Shihan Josep Claramonte submitted the Renshi (錬士)dissertation to GIKKU- Yuzenkai Japan in December 2016 and Yuzenkai Honbu accepted it.His thesis ,which is more than 400 pages, is the results of original study and he added the new findings in Karate research. After careful consideration, GIKKU-Yuzenkai was determined that it is appropriate to award him the Renshi title.And he was awarded the title on March3 ,2017. He was promoted to 5thDan by this outcome.
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A research to Karate doesn't have a citizenship as an academic study in Japan.In other words,a study of Karate as Doctoral course level is nothing.This is a serious barrier for advance of Karate.So GIKKU aims to play a role as the institution for Degree as a researcher in Karate study .And GIKKU decided to authorizes a Karate Title(Degree) not by ambiguous contribution but by creative dissertation.

Shihan Huanghai(黄海師範),a good partner and a very good friend of Shihan Josep Claramonte. ⇒Contact information is 133 3247 7727(People who can not speak Chinese can contact him for joining their classes.) 

Yuzenkai organization in China is as follows:South-Center: Shihan Josep Claramonte
Cell phone number 15599000073 wechat: josep_cla
email: josep_cla@hotmail.com
Based in 苏州 North representative: Shihan Huanghai, Yondan, Shenyang.All activities centered in 火车头, Rongdao, The Gold Belt and Hunan Wushu Center.
Cell phone number: 13332477727
The new patches/logos of Yuzenkai China branch. (that is basing on an ancient Chinese kanji).
gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan 23/2/2016
Shihan Josep Claramonte and his comrades have created a Karate study group.They train together, they share ideas, they fight hard.They are expanding this training group with the hope of making a dedicated core of members. No teachers, just people training together.
From right to left:
-Kirita Senseii, from JKA, who also has a dojo in Xi'an
-Huanghai Sensei
-Jack; Shihan Josep's workmate
-Shihan Josep Claramonte ,Yuzekai China
-Brensen; Shihan Josep's workmate ,1st kyu JKA
-Karasira Sensei, nidan in Wado ryu, in charge of his university Karate club and member of Rwanda national team.
-Yunlin, Jack's wife, also Kyokushin dojo member
gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan 28-29/11/2015
Shihan Josep Claramonte,branch chief of Cnina,come to Japan and has completed the advanced course on "Gojuryu five Categories of Technique"at the Yuzenkai Honbu from November 28 to the 29th.中国勇善会支部長のカラモンテ・ユセプ師範が来日し、勇善会本部で二日間にわたる上級コースを修了した。

Symbol of friendship. Chinese Yuzenkai black belt was gifted to Omoto Kancho by Shihan Josep Claramonte .


September 19, 2015 became the day of commemoration when China Yuzenkai had examined first Kyu. Seven boys and girls who performed kihon, kata and kumite. The performance was that of a white belt, but the spirit and determination they showed was enough for awarding them a new kyu rank.
The names of the students are:

ユセプ支部長の同志である フゥオ・チゥー・トゥ師範のテコンドー道場での空手の稽古。写真は平安初段。Karate lesson in the Taekwondo Dojo of Shihan Huo ChetouShihan Josep's comrade.  

Because he is Spanish, Spain YUZENKAI can be expected to be born. He is those who seek after truth, and the E-mail exchanged with him is very excited for me (Kancho Omoto). The following articles are the articles sent by him.
The following articles are the articles sent by him.
Shihan.Claramonte's article1
About the Neurological paths and Karate
About KATA Bunkai  型分解について
About Full contact training

The statue that Shihan found in Sian(a city in China) . This is the same as the Chishi of Karate, and interesting. A one of the thing to feel the influence of Chinese culture on Okinawaユセフ師範が中国の古都西安で見つけた石像。力石(チーシー)が沖縄独特の鍛錬具ではないことが分かり興味深い。
About Nami gaeshi ger
Some movements of a kata can have different bunkai meanings. One of them is Nami Gaeshi Geri found in Tekki / Naihanchi kata.It can be used as a avoidance of an attack to my leg.Also can be used for destruction of the enemy's knee or foot using Fumikomi.It is also an attack to the kinteki when distance is short.Sweeping the leg is also possible (from the inside and from the outside).
Use it to begin a throw (Tsubame or Sumi Gaeshi).
After a Tai Sabaki, it can be used from behind to bend enemy's knee and then attack his head.
Step over the head of a fallen villain.
Lift your leg and position it behind the enemy. Proceed with a Harai Goshi or Osoto Gari.
Finally, it can be used as a way of generating more power when attacking sideways (Tsuki or shoulder charge).
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