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支部長 Shihan Huanghai(黄海師範) 
 His all activities centered in 火车头, Rongdao, The Gold Belt and Hunan Wushu Center.
Phone number: 13332477727(People who can not speak Chinese can contact him for joining their classes.) 
 gojuryu internatinaol karatedo kobudo union yuzenkai japan 11/4/2022
Because of the covid-19, in the past two years, it has been difficult to do competitions and training for us.But Shihan Huanghai try his best to do for promoting Yuzenkai Karatein China. Recently he established the Fushun Karate Association , which is new branch of Yuzenkai.And he carried out the training of karate coaches and referees, and also called more children to join the karate training.This greatly encouraged Japan Honbu,which also suffer from covid-19.

16/2/2020video clip     
Authentic Gojuryu Karate has been in China by Yuzenkai for just two years.It's short-term expansion is so remarkable.
This is the short introduction video about one of Yuzenkai China.
"A healthy spirit dwells in a healthy body. "中国に勇善会の剛柔流空手が入ってちょうど2年。短期間にもかかわらず、その発展はめざましい。そのトレーニング光景の一部の動画がきた。

2019 first Yuzenkai Gojuryu Karate workshop in CHINA by Shihan Huang Hai ,the branch chief of Yuzenkai China. He trained in Japan Honbu in last November. After that ,he has been conducting eagerly the workshop in China.
The participants is over 55 to his workshop in the two months.
23~25/11/2018 Shihan Huane branch chief of China, is visiting Japan.黄海中国勇善会代表師範は勇善会日本本部で指導者研修を修了した。

10/2/2018 New Yuzenkai Karate Dojo in 沈阳(Shenyang)China. Saiko Shihan Huanghai(黄海最高師範) is the owner and instructor. at Shenyang, Liaoning 中国瀋陽市于洪区街道に黄海最高師範をオーナーとする勇善会本部道場が設立された。

His new and modern dojo, where Karate, Taekwondo and MMA classes will be conducted, all along serving as the Headquarters of Yuzenkai for all China.

Branch Chief in Yuzenkai China 5.2018
The 10 dojo operators joined Yuzenkai by Saiko-Shihan Huanghai's great job of promoting Yuzenkai in China, all over the country.By this,more than 250 students combined, and some of them teach in more than one place.黄海最高師範の驚異的な尽力で中国全土で10名の中国勇善会分会長が決定した。
 Needless to say, Gojuryu is a philosophical name. It means "style of Go and Ju".This name come from the proverb "Truth has both Go and Ju" in the "Bubishi"."Go" means blows such as hardness, linear movement, tuki or keri."Ju" means the softness, circular movement, joint lock and throw.In brief, the style called Gojuryu is like as the mix martial arts from the first.So kata of Gojuryu has very many joint locks and throws as for it.It may be said that the word "Gojuryu" sublimated to the concept of the martial arts philosophy from the word indicating one sect of Karate .Is the concept called "Gojuryu" not our way of life itself?I think that it is the arrival of the wave of the new times that the Chinese martial artist of various styles joined this time.
1. 陈毅雷 老师

Sihan CHEN Yilei
Branch Chief of Yinchan City。
Martial Arts & Boxing Club, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Autonomous Region.
2. 吴国盈 老师

Sihan WU Guoying
Branch Chief of Jiangxi Province
Shangwu International Martial Art Education, Guixi City, Jiangxi Province

3.  老师


Sihan WANG Hao
Branch Chief of Zhejiang Province

Juyingtang Boxing Club (1st Floor, Yinghaozhouji Mansion, District Keqiao, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province)

4.    黄宁 老师

Sihan HUANG Ning
Branch Chief of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
Sanda, Free Kick Champion, Ningxia Hardcore Fighting Club Founder.

5.  苑亮亮 老师


Sihan YUAN Liangliang 
Branch Chief of Hebei Province
Tang Mixed Martial Arts Club

6. 刘广松老师


Sihan LIU Guangsong 
Branch Chief of Shandong Province

World Taekwondo Champion

7. 李 强   老师

Sihan LI Qiang
Branch Chief of Jiangsu Province

8.    王婷莉 老师

Sihan WANG Tingli
Branch Chief of Dalian City

9.商一格 老师

青海西宁城东区搏击协会 青海西宁雨格体育公司

Sihan SHANG Yige 
Branch Chief of Qinghai Province

Qinghai Xining Chengdong District Fighting Association
Qinghai Xining Yuge Sports Company

10.   张飞龙 老师


Sihan ZHANG Feilong 
Branch Chief of Zhengzhou City

ITF Taekwondo Black Belt 4
Zhengzhou Feilong Budokan

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