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Gojuryu international Karatedo Kobudo Union Yuzenkai ......... e-mail:samuraikarate@nexyzbb.ne.jpojuryu international Karatedo Kobudo Union Yuzenkai ......... samuraikarate@nexyzbb.ne.jp
Branch chief of YUZENKAI Bangladesh
Shihan Lubiana Ahmed


Shihan Lubiana Ahmed,Gojuryu 3'rd Dan,
started Gojuryu karatedo academy on journey in 2012 with only 5 students. Now she have more than 40 students. She want to spread the teaching of karate in Bangladesh so that people learn to be more confident, physically and mentally fit. She is also providing free classes to students for the wellbeing of them ,and the idea is common with Yuzenkai Japan.
She has been an enthusiastic karate student from she was eight. And at a third year student of the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), She got gold and silver medals at competitions such as the third Intercontinental Asia WUKF Championship 2011 and the Nepal-Bangladesh Friendship Karate Open Championship 2006.
She is passionate about enabling others with physical and mental training so that they can protect themselves out in the streets that are deemed unsafe taking Bangladesh’s current law and order situation into account.
  I believe the development of her foresight in Bangladesh.

Dojo: Address:

House#34, sonargon jonopoth road, sector:11, Uttara,1229,Dhaka,Bangladesh


Shihan Lubiana Ahmed is also a great beautician and is a owner-manager of"Lubiana´s Beauty Care & Fitness".
And she is also an excellent fitness trainer.

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