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The sword stored in the sheath is stronger than the sword pulled out from the sheath.HOME
 Shihan Hajime Uetoko, my student and staff of Yuzenkai, is an expert of Kendo(剣道:5thDAN) and Iai(居合). He sent to me the shortt essay on the spirit of "Iai-Do". I up-load it.Because it is the same as the spirit of Karate. Kendo-ka who is interested in foreign countries is a few.It can be said that correct Ken-Do and Iai-Do are not widespread accurately. So, I believe that Shihan Uetoko will spread to foreign countries the real Kendo and Iaido cooperate with activity of Yuzenkai.

(Special contribution)
The sword stored in the sheath is stronger than the sword pulled out from the sheath.
(To learn Budo is to learn "Politeness")..........................................................Hajime Uetoko

What is the Japanese? One of the important elements is the politeness(礼儀:礼) that sympathizes with others. Where did Japanese "politeness" come? It is from "Busido(武士道)"."Bushido" is neither a religion nor an education. It is a Japanese way of life had formed in the society of long-term Samurai.
The inheritance of Busido that slightly remains in modern Japan is "politeness" . And, the things to have succeeded the spirit of this Bushido was "Budo(武道)",and the arts such as "Chado(茶道)", "Kado(華道)", and "Syodo(書道)".
Kendo(剣道) and Iai(居合) value "Politeness" equally to "Sword". Therefore, it is said, "Kendo starts from Rei, and ends in Rei". There is an opponent, so my victory or defeat exists.
We must never forget thanks to the opponent. So, when I do the heroic pose in Kendo when the point is taken from the opponent, the point is invalidated. It is shortage of Politeness to opponent.
To learn Budo is to learn "Politeness". 「武道を学ぶとは礼儀を学ぶことなり」

The Japanese sword"Katana(刀);Ken(剣);Nihon-tou(日本刀)" was "a symbol of the fight " until 1876.※1
A lot of lives had been harmed whenever the "Katana" were used. And as a result, present Japan society had been established.

※1 The Sword Abolishment Edict (Haitourei) was an edict issued by the Meiji government of Japan on March 28, 1876 which prohibited people from carrying Japanese sword and other weapons in public.
This meant the abolition of Samurai as a feudal hierarchy.

...................................................................The picture is a old photograph of Samurai at 1868.

Now,I am convinced that "Katana" became "a symbol of peace".
When I was a university student, I had guided the "Kendo(剣道)" for two weeks at the university in the United States. At that time, I and the students became very happy by the kendo. Kendo made us exceed the language and the racial barrier.
I thought that Kendo is able to bring the peace to human mind and world.

The style of my "Iai(居合:Practice of Japanese sword of old fashioned)" is "Tamiya-Ryu(田宮流)". Kata of Tamiya-Ryu is a little different from Kata of "AJKF;All Japan Kendo Federation(全日本剣道連盟)".
For instance,Kata "Inazuma(稲妻)" of "Tamiya-Ryu" looks like Shitei-Kata"Seitei-Iai-Ipponme(制定居合一本目)" of AJKF.
However, it is greatly different in the following respect. In Shitei-Kata of AJKF, I pull out swords earlier than enemy's pulling out the sword, and cut the enemy. In Kata of Tmmiya-Ryu, the enemy pulls out the sword earlier than me. I do not pull out the sword immediately until just before the enemy's trying to cut me.It is thought that I give the chance to stop the enemy until just before being cut.
Hayashizaki Shigenobu(林崎甚助重信1542~1621) of the master of Tamiya Shigemasa(田宮平兵衛重正?~?) who was the initiator of Tamiya-Ryu was said. "The secret of Iai is to keep persuading the enemy until last, and to lead him to the good man. "The enemy is also human being, and he has a family and an important person. Cutting the enemy deprives him of the life and it bring the sad to his important people.
Tamiya-Ryu Iai values the sword stored in the sheath than the Katana pulled out from the sheath. It is a Katana for the person to live. Karate and Kobudo must be the same as it.
The age of the Katana for the homicide ended at the great antiquity.
Let's learn the kendo and the Iai as martial arts that make the best life of every person.
Let's learn "Kendo" and "Iai", and learn old Japan Bushido.
Let's improve our human nature by learning the truth of the Katana.
And, let's make friend with all over the world.
The Japanese sword"Katana" will become a symbol of peace.
It is stronger than the sword that kills the person.......... END

"I: 居" of "Iai:居合" is a meaning of the state to sit. "ai:合" is to mean fighting with the enemy. That is, "Iai(or Iai-Do)" is an art of the Japanese sword combat that begins from the sitting state. On the other hand, the combat of the Japanese sword that begins from the state of stand is called "Tachi-ai". It is "Ken-Jutsu". It's modern game form is Kendo