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Mas Oyama as great Gojuryu fighter."The circle motion is a principle of Karate"......HOME
It is famous fact that Mas Oyama had been from Gojuryu Karate. It can be said that Mas.Oyama made his Gojuryu Karate into radical, avant-garde direction.And he had always said, "The circle motion is a principle of Karate". Certainly,he completed the method of medication of "Nekoashi-dachi" and "Tensyo" in Gojuryu. In that sense, he is an great expert of Gojuryu. The following explanations are one of the basic principle.
①The center point A of my circle is not set to the middle of the distance of opponent and me.

②The fight of the circle of the same size is not settled. So to speak, it is in the state of recurring decimals.
③It is necessary to set the centerA' of my circle to half the half of the distance with opponent.It means I move on a small circle.

④So to speak,I fight by my small circle motion to the big circle motion of opponent.A small circle is superior to a big circle.

Because I exchange the attack of opponent by a minimum circle motion, I can attack opponent by the shortest distance. You,everybody,will understand this domination. Of course, you might need a lot of training for the execution.
By the way,21 years have passed since Mas Oyama died, and the situation of Kyokushin Karate in the world has changed completely. In the judicial precedent of Japan, only the person from whom Mas.Oyamat gave direct DAN,can call himself Kyokushin Shihan.However, to deplorable,there are many persons who had not learnt Karate in Kyokushsin-Kaikan calls himself Kyokushin shihan, and they imitate the logo . An overseas person should note it.
Though it is an off-the-beaten-path fact, Mas.Oyama had the friendiy exchange with Hanshi Seiko Higa(Gojuryu) and Hanshi Yucyoku Higa(Syorinryu),the bigwigs in Okinawa Karate.

Seiko Higa(1898–1966)

...........................The left in back is Mas Oyama ......
The right in front is Yucyoku Higa(1910-1994)

Obituary of Mas Oyama. 70 years old. The cause of death is a respiratory failure due to lung cancer. April 26, 1994.