Kancho's essay Back NO,12 
About the adjusting method of the body(The Orient medical and Gojuryu Karatedo).................HOME.
Historically, Japanese martial arts and Japanese traditional medical arts are one.The medical arts is the base of martial arts combat theory.For instance, in Karate,a lot of pages of "BUBISHI"(the bible of Karate, handed down in Gojuryu) explains on the medical arts, the medicines and the vital point.
An intense movement of karate often might bring the distortion to especially spine and pelvis.It has a possibility to cause the trouble such as chronic lumbago.So, after the Karate training, we Karate-ka should maintenance our body. The following are one example of the method used in YUZENKAI Gojuryu.
Maintenance to the spine

I push the outside of his spine by my Seiken. (Never push the spine itself.)I push slowly and harmonizing with his breath.I use not power but my weight. (Push according to timing to which he vomits the breath. ) We push slowly from the neck under to the sacrum.
A small sound is heard responding to the individual adjustment of the spine at a correct position.

maintenance to spine

Maintenance to sacrum and ilium (ringleader of lumbago)
The sacrum is a kind of the joint, and it is likely to distort by an intense movement of the hip joint. As a result, the length of the appearance of both feet is different.仙骨のずれは両足の長さの違いとなって現れる。
I push his sacrum by my heel.I must not step on his sacrum. Only lower quietly pushing his ilium by my heel.

Let's tightly roll the belt on your hip joint.Let's do the movement that turns the waist right and left for about five minutes. As a result, your hip joint returns to a correct position. You,who is with the lumbago, do this movement for five minutes at every morning and night. The effect will appear in about 2~3 weeks.
We treat our body by improving the power of healing of nature.
One of tool is "HARI(Needle)".
We often cure lumbago and neuralgia by piercing HARI to the vital point. "HARI", we use, is about 1milli.When the vital point is intensely attacked, the human body is destroyed.
When the vital point is appropriately stimulated, human body recovers itself. I am also curing my sprain and lumbagoby by HARI.The stimulation of HARI generates the potential difference in the vital point.
It promotes human's natural healing power.

After straightening his spine, sacrum, and ilium, I do prick of the HARI to his vital point (the seam of the sacrum and an ilium). By the way, this HARI is usually sold in the drugstore in Japan. Privately using it is not illegal.
A lot of vital points concentrate on the spine. Each vital point synchronizes with specific internal organs and the nerve. It is possible that strong attack to vital point cause the trouble of internal organs and or the nerve in the enemy, and or die after a certain period.
Some example of the medical herbs explained in BUBISHI(the bible of Karate, handed down in Gojuryu.)Karate-Ka should study the medical herb,the vital point and the Hari. It is a preventive medicine of the Orient tradition at the same time though Karate is martial arts.When you understand the whole of Karate tradition, I am glad.

This medical herb has the effect in the recovery of the wound and the pain in the stomach.

This medical herb has the effect in pain of lungs, stomach, and hemoptysis.

This medical herb has the effect in pain of backache, knee and rheumatism.