Kancho's essay Back NO,6  six powers that composes Nahate-Gojuryu Karate.
In Nahate Gojuryu , there are six principles of the generation of power
The transformation of Karate to sports is remarkable. It is to interpret martial arts in the Orient by the sports theory of theWest. It loses sight of the essence of Gojuryu when the practice of Gojuryu is constructed only with the theory of boxing, the wrestling, and the weight training of the Westan type. Gojuryu had evolved from the fight in a bad place in the shipboard and the work standthe,and is the Karate for the combat between short distances . This time, I want to open six principles of Gojuryu to the public, and to stimulate researchers from around the world. yuzenkai
Figure 1(Sanchin)
①Power from twist 捻りから生じる力…For instance, it is a method of generating the power seen in Kata of Sanchin. The power generated by the lower half of the body of Sanchin-dachi reaches the arm via the waist, the back, and the shoulder, and is converted into Seiken tuki. Figure 1
②Power to be born from sudden change from high posture to low posture.姿勢の急な沈下から生じる力…This is use of potential energy. For instance, it is operation that does Age-tuki at the same time as suddenly lowering posture in Kata of Seienchin.Figure 2 yuzenkai
Figure 2(Seienchin)
③Power to be born from sudden change from low posture to high posture 姿勢の急上昇から生じる力…This is use of potential energy, too. For instance, it is operation that does Seiken continuously three times at the same time as suddenly raising posture in Kata of Sesan. Also in Heiku, there is operation that rapidly raises posture from Gedan barai by low posture and does Seiken continuously two times. Figure 3 yuzenkai
Figure 3(Sesan)
④Power to be born from operation that advances rapidly position.位置の瞬間的な変化から生じる力…This is use of potential energy, too. The Oituki of Karate basically converts the change in potential energy into power by advancement. In Kata of Heiku, Paiku, and Anan, the movement of the weight generated when advancing one step short is converted into power, and there is operation that instantaneously does Tuki twice. Figure 4 yuzenkai
Figure 4(Heiku)
⑤Power to cause from action and counteraction.作用・反作用の力…For instance, power improves when right Seiken Tuki strongly pulls the left hand in the opposite direction. In Osae-uke multiused in Kata of Sisouchin, Osae-uke ,Zenkutudachi-Oituki and Syoutei-tuki uses this dynamic knack well. Figure 5 yuzenkai
Figure 5(Sisouchin)
⑥Power to cause by rapid change from reduction posture to expansion posture.縮小→解放から生じる力…For instance, there is operation that rapidly becomes expansion posture from the shrinkage posture and does Uraken in Kata Saifa. In Gojuryu, the technique of using power to rapidly liberate from the shrinkage posture in which the muscle is strongly tightened is seen well. Let's research which principle the technique of KATA uses. Figure6 yuzenkai
Figure 6(Saifa)