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 40 years passed after Bruce Lee had died(1940-1973).
atsugi karate dojo 
40 years passed after Bruce Lee had died. Needless to say, his influence on the 20th century is too large. His influence has reached not only the movie and martial arts but also the philosophy and politics Surprisingly, In Japan ,monthly publication "Modern thought" of Japan featured Bruce Lee in October. It is unexampled that this magazine features the actor. I want to introduce three aspects to which I paid attention in this book .

1. The secret of Bruce Lee exists in the technique of not the foot but the hand. ブルース・リーの武道の奥義は足技ではなく手技の方にある。

2.The purpose of Bruce Lee was that the spirit and the body of the yellow race who had been historically discriminated take leadership in the world evenly to Caucasian. ブルース・リーは、差別されてきた黄色人種の精神と肉体が世界の主導権をとることをめざし、そして実現した。
3.Only Bruce Lee can become the symbol of peace that exceeds the race and the religion. ブルース・リーのみが民族や宗教の対立を超えた平和のシンボルとなりうる。

atsugi karate dojoIt is a famous story that an bronze statue of B. Lee was built in city Mostar in Bosnia that became the stage of intense Ethnic Conflicts as a symbol of peace in 2003. He is worshiped in Muslim, Serb, and the race of the Croatia both.

B. Lee is an American birth. However,he has a unknown nationality image not to understand whether he is American or Chinese or Hong Kong . He seems not to have been good at the Chinese character. It is also uncertain what religion believer he was. He didn't look Christianity and Islam . Therefor B. Lee can become symbol of peace that exceeds the race.