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I visited the Naha city of Okinawa on October 3, 2013. In that case, I stopped by the commending stone monument of Kanryo Higaonna and Chojun Miyagi. Needless to say, they are initiators of Gojuryu.Three important messages from Miyagi had been carved for the other side of this monument.

gojuryu①You should know the secret of Gojuryu Karate exists in Kata.
②Gojuryu Karate must expresses the harmony of nature inside human.
③Gojuryu Karate must pursue moral character.
This monument had built in the birthplace of Nahate-Gojuryu. This place was called kume village in old times. The village was immigrant's village from China in 17 century. Martial arts that they had brought from China became prototypes of Nahate-Gojuryu.
gichin funakoshi
Commending stone monument of Funakoshi Gichin
「Karate ni sente nashi」(Karate does not have the preemptive strike for the self-interest. )

There is a commending stone monument of Gichin Funakoshi in another place of the Naha city, too. (right photograph)Famous maxim "Karate ni sente nashi (Karate doesn't have the preemptive strike)" of Funakoshi has been carved for this monument. After having seen those monuments, I visited the shop of a certain long-established martial arts tool. After a while, the woman who put on Karate-gi has entered the shop. She was Azusa Tomishiro who was the world champion of KATA of WKF. She left bowing when my face was seen. She seemed to have been hurrying up. If the photograph was taken with her, this essay might have become colorful, too. It was a little regrettable.
soki soba
It is a top priority noodle that you should eat in Okinawa.

yuzenkaiOkinawa is in the subtropics and has beautiful sea. okinawaSyuri-jyo (Syuri castle) Palace of Ryukyu kingdom age