Kancho's essay Back NO,3  館長エッセイバックナンバー3
Is the technique of modern Kendo the same as the technique of "Japanese sword"? 
The answer is NO. However, the answer from the viewpoint of a spirit theory or an educational theory is "YES". The technique of the winner of a Japanese championship of Kendo is not necessarily praised. We often hear the criticism "That is not Kendo".
Actually, the technique that uses "Bamboo sword" had given birth to a technique that differs from the technique of "Japanese sword" and is original.
Famous Hanshi Seiji IHO was said.
You should be able to be understood not to be able to defeat the enemy if you separate the space and do not attack it if you have an idea that the bamboo sword is a sword even a little. In addition, he said.
In modern Kendo, striking it faster than the other party is important.
And, the necessary for that one is "Cock", "Course", and "Control. "
"Cock" is operation that quickly bends the wrist with the bamboo sword.
The technique of modern Kando is a technique of "Bamboo sword". It is not a technique of the Japanese sword.
If you practice Kendo to learn the technique of Samurai, you will despair either.
Of course, if you practice Kendo to learn the spirit of Samurai, you will be satisfied.
The above-mentioned might apply to Karate.
However, Karate has various styles for approaches unlike kendo.
Let's think.
kendo shinai
Actually, the method of JKF-Kumite received the strong influence from the method of Kendo game. If you see the Kendo game , the similarity of two games will be sure to notice.
The game of Kendo has the history for 100 or more years. It still contains a lot of hints for WKF- JKF Kumite now.
nihontou katana
How much is a historical Japanese sword?
I have been occasionally questioned by the foreigner.
Samurai had two swords.
A long sword is called "Tachi". A short sword is called "Wakizashi".
60cm is borderlines.
If you do not stick to great goods, Tachi will be able to be bought for about 3000$(Wakizashi is about 1000$). However, if you do not come to Japan, obtaining is difficult.