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In Japan, there are a lot of Samurai TV dramas and movies . And the part of there often have been up-loaded to "Youtube" I introduce some of there. They were very famous Samurai that was active at Warring States Period of the 16-17th century in Japan. When you click follow pictures, you will be seen some title background of the dramas in "Youtube".
This picture is "Shingen Takeda" (1521-1573).
The title background of TV drama "FURINKAZAN" broadcasted for one year in 2007 has been up-loaded. The hero was "Kansuke Yamamoto" of a military adviser of Shingen Takeda. However,I strongly remain Kenshin Uesugi who is the rival of Shingen . This title background music images the horse riding army corps of Shingen Takeda. This music is my most favorite Samurai drama music.
Here is a version performed with tradition musical instruments "Syamisen" of Japan.
This is also good.
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Shingen Takeda(1521-1573)
武田 信玄
This picture is Kenshin Uesugi(Kagetora Nagao:1530~1578). Please this pictures.
You will seen one scene of TV drama "FURINKAZAN". The scene is that Kenshin have encouraged his vassal's Samurai before the battle with Shingen. Kenshin is a religious mysterious general, and he says to the following subordinates to his vassal's Samurai .

Fate is in Heaven.
Armor is in your heart.
Result is in your leg.
You must achieve the result by the shank's mare.
You must shoot the enemy by your pace at any time.
When you think that you die, you will live.
You will die when you want to live.
The fate is god's will.
However, a victory is decided by your belief and behavior.
If you are real Samurai, You must think, act, and decide your way of advance.
It is a wrong idea that you cannot act against the fate.
If you are real Samurai.
You must determine your way that you should go.
You must decide your fate by yourself.

This actor is expressing very well the image of Kenshin Uesugi that Japanese people likes.
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Kenshin Uesugi(1530-1578)
上杉 謙信
This picture is Kanetsugu Naoe(1559~1620) of the general of Kagekatsu Uesugi(1556~1623) who was the son of Kenshin Uesugi.
He became the hero of the NHK-TV drama of 2009.
This animation expresses the mood of Japan well. Music is also brave and good.
The character "愛" that is attached to his Kabuto (helmet) is "Love "of English.
There is no Samurai who attached "the character of愛;Love"with his Kabuto (helmet) except him.
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Kanetsugu Naoe(1559-1620)
直江 兼続
This bronze statue is Musashi Miyamoto.(1584-1345)
It is not necessary to talk about many about him. This title background music is the TV drama" MUSASHI".
The trumpet of Ennio Morricone expresses the spirit of the apart from others of Musashi wonderfully.
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Musashi Miyamoto(1584-1345)
宮本 武蔵