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Gojuryu international Karatedo Kobudo Union Yuzenkai ......... e-mail:samuraikarate@nexyzbb.ne.jp
Karate lover whom YUZENKAI,GIKKU/JIKKU wants. (The person who corresponds to one of the following items will become our friend. )

・Karate lover who hopes to positively participate in growth of this new union, YUZENKAI.
・Karate lover who hopes to deeply research about Secrets of Gojuryu Karatedo and Kobudo
・Karate lover who hopes to pursue Karate as military arts
・Karate lover who hopes to participate in Karate and Kobudo network of YUZENKAI Japan

・Karate lover who hopes for recognition the branch of YUZENKAI(
Karate lover who hopes for recognition the sister Dojo of YUZENKAI(GIKKU/JIKKU)
Karate lover who hopes for recognition the Individual member of YUZENKAI(GIKKU/JIKKU)
・Karate lover who hopes for DAN certificateof YUZENKAI Japan
・Karate lover who hopes to learn Karate by web DOJO of YUZENKAI

YUZENKAI's action plan for four years(2014~2017)
①Construction of GIKKU system that supplies the syllabus, the manual, and the teaching material of YUZENKAI Karatedo-Kobudo by maintaining the curriculum.
②Construction of web Dojo which is for academy, forum, knowledge-sharing and e-learning
③Establishment of dispatch system of Kancho and Shihans to your training camp , the championship .④Construction of various activities to contribute to education of world peace and child.
Type of Affiliations Necessary condition Your advantage Remarks Period of cooperation Charge
Branch chief of your country Shihan who has guided Karate and own the 4th DAN or more now.
・Receiving of regular magazine (manual and animation) that mainly explains technique by mail
・Right of access to site only for member
・Receiving of the branch certification
・Right of representation of YUZENKAI in your country(As a rule, it is one person per country. )
・Free use for name of YUZENKAI and logo
・Your activity is announced to the world on the YUZENKAI website. (There are 490,000 accesses a year. )
・The format of the YUZENKAI"KYU" certificate is offered free of charge.
・YUZENKAI confirms your present DAN as DAN of YUZENKAI
by free of charge.
Please send the copy (scanning data) of the dan certificate that you own now by e-mail.
・New acquisition of DAN of YUZENKAI is not forced on you.
When you and your student hope to acquire the DAN ceertificate of YUZENKAI, the charge corresponding to GDP in your country is needed.
※The amount of fee is different according to "GDP a person" in each country.

・Duration of policy is three years.As a rule, it updates it.
However,YUZENKAI doesn't update when there are no activity .
・Please recommend the acquisition of YUZENKAI DAN to your student for the sound finance. However, it is not compulsion.
Joining charge is free.
Sister Dojo ・Shihan who has guided Karate now.
・Your Dojo becomes a sister Dojo with us. Both parties do not have the relation between the headquarters and the branch.
・Issue of coordinated Dojo certification (E-mail)
・Receiving of regular magazine (manual and animation) that mainly explains technique by mail
・ You and we associate as a friend. Interactive Reference and and knowleade-sharing. with YUZENKAI Japan.
・You do not have YUZENKAI right of representation in your country. Both are the relations such as the sister city or the sister schools. . Duration of policy is three years.As a rule, it updates it. Tie-up charge is free.
Individual member ・Individual who wants to study YUZENKAI KARATE Katas  by method of correspondence course
Kumite and Kata of Karate that you are practicing now are esteemed to its maximum.
Your study is supported by the method of the correspondence course, and the DAN degree is recognized if necessary.
When you hope for the DAN acquisition by the correspondence course, the entrance fee is necessary. ※The amount of fee is different according to "GDP a person" in each country. Please inquire in detail. Duration of policy is three years. Admittion charge is free.
※Please download the affiliations form here and please send it to YUZENKAI by mail.
   Affiliations form   samuraikarate@nexyzbb.ne.jp.
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