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YUZENKAI USA Louisiana 勇善会 米国 ルイジアナ last up daye DECEMBER 30.2015
Yuzenkai USA Louisana
Branch chief Vivison H Kerr III


Dojo address:Inner Circle Martial Arts 3443 Edenborn Ave Metairie, Louisiana 70002

Shihan Vivison H Kerr III has been practicing Goju-ryu Karate for just over thirty years and currently hold 4th Dan rank. He owns his Dojo in New Orleans, Louisiana USA and he has been teaching for over ten years.

He has become a member of the GIKKU in order to give his students an organization that shares the ideals of himself and his dojo. He also hope to be able to continue his own training and growth as a martial arts educator. His hope is to have his curriculum evaluated and improved so that he can offer the best of Karatedo to his students and affiliates. He also seek to have his students advance in rank within in organization that is bigger than his dojo there. He hopes that the organization will become a haven for martial artists who want to preserve the traditions that have been entrusted to them. And he hopes to obtain a Yuzenkai's defined standards and curriculums available to all members with higher level instructors available to help the younger members.
The photographs are his new training floor in preparation for his Dojo's full opening at the end of January,2016. His wife is an black belt holder, too.
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